Verification of Multi-Server Accounts

It’s pointless to make more than 6 alts because they’ll eventually just become a dead char you can’t capitalize on
Thus, the people who care about this fact (which definitely is not the majority) don’t buy character slots or they start deleting character that fall out of favor

Having alts on multiple servers on the same account (Ex: NAE- Azena + Una) allows you to play all the chars you wish to and raise these characters freely, without having to worry about the gold limit.
This brings value to every single alt

Multi-Server Accounts are permitted
However, the gold transfer between servers is not because the transfer method involves using the auction house and that will interfere with detection systems
Today, I want to debunk the reasoning behind the restriction

1> Gold Fraud Systems can easily detect that the gold is going to different rosters in the same account. Thus, it will not interfere with detection
2> Region Wide Mail System can be created. If we can add friends within the same Region, over worlds, there is no issue with the tech behind this system.
This completely removes the need to check for validity
3> The same way Infinite Chaos Dungeon and repeating content exists, this is also a form of replayability for those who wish to go the extra mile. Of course it’s a bit hardcore, but it opens options.
It’s the same as how some don’t want to bus because it’s stressful, but those who do get some reward

Most Important Point
Multi-Server Accounts are not a general exploit used to print gold.
You still need to farm every single collectible again, get LoS/Lostwind Cliff Set again, get accessories again.
Kakul-Saydon Raid requires a 5x3 setup, which means… getting Legendary Engravings x20 or even x40 for the double legendary.
And of course, honing costs will make the cost of Legendary Engravings look like nothing in comparison

In fact people have actually researched how long it takes to recoup the amount of investment into an alt.
It takes over 20-40+ weeks (5-10+ months)…
Multi-Server Alts are actually sinking wayy more gold than the income
Also that was a static calculation. If you keep honing, you will never get the investment back

TLDR; It is a net negative and the gold you “get” is just what’s left over of the 90% you used

So, it is not an exploit
This is just a form of game replayability
Not many people will actually be able to utilize this type of playstyle
But it is a nice option to have

So, I hope you at AGS + SMG make some gold transfer system allowed in NA/EU
Thank you for attending this TED Talk


Heya @MofuMofu, thank you for the feedback about the current system.

I appreciate the read and you make some fair points. I’ll forward your feedback to the Development team. :slight_smile:

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