Verified user benefits, priority login

I would suggest priority login for Amazon Prime Subscribers and verified Steam accounts. Waiting hours in queues because of bots is ridiculous.

Instead of removing gold from quests, further limit non verified accounts. For example require a verified account to purchase or sell anything in the marketplace, in addition to mail and trade. They can’t imbalance the economy if their gold and items are account locked.


I like this idea a lot. No need to change the game. Just make it so the millions of bots would need to verify their amazon prime and steam accounts.

If the botters find a way around this then, there will be millions of extra amazon and millions of extra steam accounts. Now the three companies would need to come up with a better solution or risk all of their sites/sales having problems.

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While I have both, I don’t think that priority for Amazon Prime is a good idea.
Creates a two-class society.

Prio for verified Steam accounts would be fine, but there should be an alternative (like account verification via Phone/ID) for people coming to the game without having a steam account prior (Yes, those ppl exist…)

I’m quite sure people multiboxing with full bots, selling gold and running chaos dungeons in loops can afford Amazon Prime.
AGS needs actually working (lol) ingame GMs and prevent players to send gold outside of the AH & the cash shop gold exchange.

Also, Easy-Anticheat should be configured to prevent the launch if there is a VM enabled, any script software like autohotkey/autoit and few other stuff they (AGS) might know, they are paid to know stuff, they should know.

For very account? Not sure about that, not to mention that you need seperate Bank accounts/Credit Cards for the Prime subs.

Just no!
That leads to shit like banning people for having Visual Studio installed…

Not to mention that reading what people are running on their Computers is a MASSIVE invasion of privacy!
Also: no measures requiring Admin-Privileges should EVER be taken, since giving those opens up the possibility of opening up massive security risks.
I definitely don’t want to give anything published by AGS Admin-priviledges after I’ve seen New World…

I’m sorry but in my country (France) I didn’t have any issue to sub so…I don’t know what is the issue. You need to have 1 credit card & a bank account linked which is from another bank than the credit card ? oO

Hum…I never said the anticheat should ban, just prevent the launch, like, the thing would give you an error like you cannot launch the game because you have “insert any application” running or kick you if you launch “insert any application”.

Then, Easy-Anticheat is already, right now, reading every single process you have and is reporting it to the server, it’s its purpose, it’s made like this, that’s how it is coded. So, what is the problem if you already agreed that this thing does this, while accepting this, when you launched the game ? Privacy over what ? If you launch Firefox, it is supposed to report that, you launch and then that you are running Firefox, now I don’t have the AGS data to know what they enabled in this, it seems it is barely configured but that’s my opinion. Also, it doesn’t need any admin privilegies, it’s a sort of rootkit you already installed when you installed the game.

Yes, but bot-companies aren’t running 2 bots, they are running over 100 bots concurrently with hundreds of accounts which aren’t running all the time (Gold farming is limited, so it makes sense to let the accounts work in shifts).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how to get a few thousand diffrent credit cards - not to mention the expense of all the Prime Accounts…

Not really, without admin-priviledges it can’t read everything running on the computer. Only what the user running the process has access to.

EAC CAN do it, but then it requires admin-priviledges, which I am strongly opposed to when it is run by a company with a shady history regarding security issues…

They are never going to be able to completely stop Botting, gold buying/selling, multiboxxing and cheating in general.

But some sort of verification system needs to be in place to cut it down.

I didn’t say it was a bad idea to do that, I just didn’t understand this :

Ofc I would agree the send my ID to Amazon, they got my credit card already because of Prime, I don’t mind but if they can, just, not send it to any third party would be a plus xD

Unfortunatly, nope it doesn’t need any admin privilegies, it’s meant to work like this, it “spies” and this is how it works. It’s designed like this, Windows lets it do this, it’s designed like this, we are not running the game on Linux, we can’t control everything, it’s like a rootkit, you can’t do shit but accept it or not.

Right now, it just seems AGS just paid EAC like any random would buy Norton, I mean, like “Gimme protection right now !” and that’s all. Everything seems to be set by default lol.

You never had a friend trying to join a multi game where EAC prevented him/her from joining because of some RGB software ? xD It’s stupid shit but at least the devs of the game configured it to prevent some kind of softwares, which doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Hate to break it to you but EAC has kernel level access. the second you installed it you already lost your privacy.

Nobody has to worry, they won’t send any porn history anywhere btw xD

ah, good. i dont wanna know what you sick fucks are into XD

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You are right, should be illegal, since it is actively circumventing security measures, but seemingly isn’t.
Especially since the short notice isn’t displayed on its own when you’re installing it (or at least wasn’t when I installed it).

Doesn’t change the fact, that it shouldn’t be ultilized, since it is a massive invasion of privacy and clearly doesn’t work if we look at the number of bots…