Vern FPS dropping and lag

I just logged in for the first time since the new patch dropped an Vern is frame dropping and lagging like MAD. Is anybody else experiencing this? The game normally runs like butter so its very jarring.

This happened both in the city of Vern and when i was questing in South Vern. I teleported to Punika and that place is totally normal

I learned to live with 30-80 fps (depending on how many players are present) since I started to play this game.
Maybe that will make you feel better about it

i wouldnt even notice if it was 30-80fps cus i usually play on budget builds or middling pcs. im talking 5-10fps and frequently losing control of my character during frame drops. it was a mess

Ouch, I haven’t been to vern yet. Hopefully I won’t have the same troubles.
I guess now that there is a legion portal in south vern, there’s more players, which causes your fps to drop.
Hope this will get fixed man

Yeah. I generally just do CD and PvP tho so now that im done the story in Vern it wont be affecting me here in Punika. My Abyss had one or two packet drop moments but was otherwise fine and normal.

Just bringing attention to this and wondering if other people are experiencing it. If its an issue they can fix it right? :+1: