Vern Powerpass + Hyper Express Event per account or per region?

Hi I am considering rerolling from NAW to NAE and was wondering if anyone knows if I will be able to receive the 2 Vern powerpasses + the Punika powerpass/Hyper Express Event on the same steam account. Or would I have to make a new steam account?

Thank you!

here’s your answer in this thread.

Jesus, just give him a straight answer.

You will receive both powerpasses and hyperexpress when you reroll to NAE.

Jesus, why are you so offended if i provided him answer of someone who have tested how power passes actually works. No need to be so negative. He can take yours and mine just as i searched answers for him and provide him link for it.

No need to fight guys all input is appreciated haha

Sounds good thank you for the replies!

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