Vern powerpass messes up your account forever, wish i never used it. Known problem and no response from Amazon/devs/mods yet?

So it’s been known for a while now the powerpass seems to complete ALL side quests (INCLUDING IMPORTANT ROSTER QUESTS) which gives you some items, skill potions, stat potions and virtue points etc which are very important for the endgame.

My character has kinda low virtue points, and I checked some guildies who seem to have very low points. After checking the potions available to get in the game, I notice I can’t even talk to some NPC’s because my virtues would be too low (even with a skin) and after asking/seeing some other players who completed all the side quests up until Shushire, it seems all those virtues are lost forever. I could be wrong and be missing something, if so please tell me. But I am legit worried about this.

If this is the case, this is absolutely terrible and we should get compensated for this in some way, as we can’t complete the game.

I know alot of threads has been created about this matter and they seem to be aboutabout you losing the engravings etc, but not the skill/stat potions from the side quests.

But the virtue points, what about them? I just don’t know.

I would imagine you have the virtues.

The same way the powerpass autocompletes skillpoint side quests and you get the skillpoints.

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I do know for a fact that the vern powerpass can mess up the game, we have a guildmate in our guild that after they used their powerpass on their sorc they have been having none stop issues. Up to this day he’s never had a response to why or what’s going on, and he’s had to uninstall and re-install the game a good lot of times, and well the list of issues goes on.

I’m not sure about the virtue points and I do hope it’s not the case since the character I’m maining now was powerpassed to vern :sob:

This sounds like it has nothing to do with the powerpass.


Who know honestly he never did have an issue until he decided to use the powerpass on his sorc, I think he stopped using the sorc since it bugs him in very specifically with that character and his game crashes in vern. some other things have happened. But, I think he just gave up trying to figure out what’s wrong, and hence why he’s had to do that. But, again I’m based on his experience with that situation and the sole character he’s ever had any issues is with that particular one character.

I could be wrong ofc.

Hmm, are you sure about this?

I’ve read around abit and it seems you still get stats/skill points.
But are the virtues from every single quest really applied to you?

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The powerpass completes quests for you, but you still get the virtue points. For the sake of story it’s for the best to wait until you do it yourself once before using it (it takes while, I finally managed to finish the story yesterday). I still don’t have enough virtue points for certain NPCs, it seems like the Una tasks also reward the virtues which might be the cause.

Alright, this calms me down a bit.

I hope this is the case, and if so that’s great.

I do think there should be a warning of this or something tho, as this might cause alot of frustration to some players who want to finish all roster/side quests etc. I was actually going back to do the ones I didn’t finish, but used the powerpass since and noticed they are all gone now lol. Thankfully if you guys are right, I haven’t lost that much important stuff, except for some engravings, gold/silver and cards.

What? Your powerpass did sidequests for you? Neither of mine did

Btw youre supposed to do roster quests as you go on your main anyways. If you didnt then i suppose sucks to suck

Fr tho probably just a bug or you havent done the prerequisites to unlock them yet

Skill points and virtue stats are roster shared, you didn’t lose anything.

Check achievements (alt+o in-game) for more, do the hidden quests, etc. there’s plenty of ways to get them, see in-depth posts on

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You can only use a powerpass once you’ve completed the content once. You only receive stat and virtue rewards once per roster, so the character who quested through first would have received the rewards, or still be eligible to do the quests that give those rewards.

Nothing to see here.

One-time roster/character rewards such as skill points, virtue points, secondary stat points, mounts, awakening skills, and a particular island soul are included with the power passes. The only things you miss out on are silver and consumables like potions, battle items, honing mats, cards, etc. I am unsure about battle and roster exp but I imagine you don’t get the full amount vs. if you played through normally. So basically the stuff it doesn’t give you will always be farmable/purchasable from the auction house. My only gripe is the name of the Vern Power Pass. I boosted an alt immediately after completing Vern only to realize it autocompletes Shushire as well, so I missed out on playing through those roster side quests. Should’ve been called Shushire Power Pass.

There are no known issues with the powerpass, you get all the one time rewards like skill point potions and virtue stats. You do lose all the other side quests which means yes, you lose the engraving books etc, but you can just make new characters to get more.