Vern PowerPass Problem

I used the Vern power pass and it doesnt show up please he;[


From today’s maintenance notes

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Hello adventurer @konos505 and welcome to the Lost Ark Forum!! :tada:

Hope your doing well in your journey. I apologize for the inconvenience with your PowerPass.

As @Sophomore just mentioned, all the PowerPass are disabled, It’s just matter of time and it will be available ASAP.

I wish you to have a great day and take care! :dagger: :man_mage:

“ASAP” = one more week?

I mean come on guys…
It’s been too freaking long. Fix this thing already

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i really would like to know the ETA but they are “still looking the solution for the problem”

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I deeply believe it’s pretty absurd for a team/company not solving a problem within one whole week with no nearly precise ETA
They said it was supposed to be solved after today’s patch but they were like:
“Whoops still disabled sorryyyyy”

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