Vern ticket didn't work?

Used a Vern ticket on my freshly made Zerker and nothing happened? Still level 10. Are there requirements on my main to do?

Hey there @Raycian Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

To use your free Vern Powerpass after you claim it from your in-game mailbox and click the consumable ticket item follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Character Selection screen
  2. Click the character you want to use the Powerpass on and click the Powerpass buton
  3. Look for the North Vern Powerpass option (you might need to scroll to the left if it’s off-screen) and select it
  4. Click the Use Powerpass button at the bottom of the screen

This should load you into Trixion on that character and then you will just need to follow the prompts on screen to choose a Specialized Class if needed and you can either play or skip the guide,

Hope this helps!

OMG, I am so dumb. I saw the South Vern powerpass and thought that was the only one. I didn’t see that I could scroll left and there is the regular Vern one with a 1 on it. Thank you and sorry.

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