Verne powerpass issue

Everytime I attempt to use the powerpass I’m presented with several selections of “NO images”. Nothing is selectable. I’ve restarted my client multiple times and I’ve created multiple alts on multiple servers as I read that was a work around that worked for a lot of people. However, nothing seems to be working for me. I was curious if anyone else has dealt with this and found a way around it? Starting to get a little irritated/discouraged.

Hello @ikarihasu ,

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I understand that you are not able to use the Vern Powerpass .

I request you to kindly check the following post and follow the official news section for more updates on the powerpass.

I hope this helps! :magic_wand:

@Helianthus Oh, I’m sorry, I thought just the purchase was disabled, I didn’t realize they disabled the use too. Thanks for the clarification!

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