Vertical Progression and QoL Issues


First time I made a topic here, and it will be a negative one. As they saying goes, the whiners speaks the loudest.

It’s evident to most that last week’s patch was game breaking in a bad way. A lot would say, it doens’t matter, content will stay, blah blah blah.

I play an ARPG game to grind the best gear and farm the hardest dungeons. I know that made me sounded entitled.

However, as someone who has 470 hrs of playing time since launch:

I feel like i should’ve made enoough progress to be playing at the end game as it releases. Also. I am not a F2P player. I’ve bought the Plat, Gold, Silver, and Vanquisher pack. I’ve bought the Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Punika, and monthly discount crystal packs. This totals to roughly 5 - 600 dollars in the first month. I used most of my crystals for non-progression related stuff like skins, una completion task. I like to say that my progression has been pretty clean (hence 470 hrs), but that depends on how you define it of course.

Currently, I am at combat lvl 54. I state this to highlight that I am actually trying to progress vertically.

Prior to the patch, i’ve been hoarding honing mats for 2 + weeks after progressing to 1350, with 1 item at 1355 (after failing to 100% honing success rate). On the launch of argos, I was fairly disappointed, because i know i won’t have enough mats to get me to 1370. I did end up failing every piece to 100% and gotten too frustrated and started swiping to get more mats. $5 - 600 dollars later, I am still no where near 1370.

Is this the gate smilegate / amazon wants. 400 + hrs each month and 1k + spending in a month is too little? I get that f2p is generally p2w, but isn’t the entry level bar a bit too high? I was expecting a couple hundred a month, but a couple thousand? Whats the % of your audience you are targeting?

Also, is this not too much pressure for end game players? What about summer vacation, holidays? Getting burnt? A lot of players will leave and not come back. There are a wide selection of games out there. Yes I know I won’t be missed, i am sure i will get that in a reply.

I get that you want to get a much from the whales as possible to recoupe your investments at the beginning, but not like this. A well diversify portifolio of player is needed. You won’t make enough of you money back in a few months from whales, it has to be a long game. Some revenue target is off some where.

Now onto QOL:

  • Timer is still off
  • No fly zone on gigantic islands
  • Harvest soul is checked by default on GRaids
  • If you forget to harvest the soul you lose it
  • Guilds are not roster wide
  • Items are not roster wide
  • Leveling alts can be a more pleasant experience like how KR and RU has it
  • there is a lot more

TL;DR - amazon / smilegate - please fix things. I know this is a collaborated decision. The goal is not to point fingers but solve problems.

I like the last entence