Very happy with the change in communication!

I appreciate this kind of communication immensely! Between @Shadow_Fox 's discussion post and the more detailed posts from @Roxx like this one I quote below (as well as others), I’d like to say thanks for so quickly working with smilegate etc. to get more involved communication available to us!

“As an additional note, as players may notice the end dates of certain events such as the Casual Guardian Raid Event, we would like to share that we are currently targeting the third week of May for our next Content Update. However, the build is still in the process of being developed and we are continuing to monitor player feedback and progression from the April Content Update — this means that the date is not yet locked in and could shift or change. We will let players know what to expect as development progresses throughout the month of May.”

from Lost Ark Weekly Update - 4/28 @ 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST


If it moves and y’all come for my neck I am going to be so hurt

(But you’re welcome! We do want to make an effort to improve this wherever we can.)


I can’t speak for everyone but I promise I won’t come for your neck if it moves lol! Seriously though this is exactly what a lot of people (myself included) asked for, thanks again!


Your neck is safe! :grin:


So long as the communication keeps up and we’re told ahead of time and not last minute of changes in plans then there should be no neck hunting.

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Very pog mucho gracias.
Thats what I wanted to see atleast in terms of information ahead of time.

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You know, there shouldn’t be any if when it comes to literally being respectful.

I get the communication can be improved by a lot, but CMs are the messengers, is not like they will purposely hide info to make you angry.

If anything, it comes from the other parts of the communication chain not moving at a good rhythm


We have zero other means of giving direct feedback.

If amazon and even the CMs say “we will communicate more” than proceed to NOT, then absolutely they should be told and given criticism in a civilized manner.

If the CMs dont have the information, its their job as a go between between the devs and players for them to go dig and get that information.

The problem isn’t always whether or not they know. Its sometimes whether or not they are allowed to say. They clearly took our feedback back to the team to see if they could provide us more info as they said they would, and thus we are getting more information on where they are at with the current build.

Going for someones neck because you don’t get the communication isn’t direct feedback. Its also not how we improve communication further int he future. If you feel they mess up again int he future give that feedback in a constructive way and I’m sure they will work towards bettering the communication.


I never said go for someones neck, i said give them criticism in a civilized manner if they say they will do something then just not do it.

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Another option is to realize this is just a game and if you dont get updated about a change it isnt that important and there is no reason to have a mental breakdown and complain all over the internet. I think that is being called an adult.


Thanks , that’s hard to manage this community , and you’re doing a good job !

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You know sometimes people don’t answer for a lot of different reasons?

I work as a dev myself and generally the info the players want is not available to the intern that’s checking what tag to add to make a skin set active.

They don’t sit at a pc and stare at code the entire time. There are quite more of things you do as a dev than simply code and it can delay communications.

And if you check over the start, things have improved. Slow, yes. But is not like they ignore people and you are correct saying

However we know the big majority don’t handle well a delay as proven in the 20th lol.

She asks to not hunt her down if shit happens aka be civilized yet you are implying there is a condition to it where there should be none to be civilized.

If they fail, don’t worry I will join, I absolutely dislike the way news are portrayed because they don’t look like anything important but just regular text, there is no excitement I can see from it or say “oh I need to read this” which I would love to see rather than plain cold , dull backgrouns and yellow text lack of any vivid or exciting emotions that can be transmitted just with colors

Pd: I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just want to point there is no excuse to go mono neuronal with our messengers. They are humans and I promise you they must like something about working with people to be there for us. I personally would go ballistic after 3 days lol


I think it’s progress and I appreciate the effort, I can’t speak for everyone but I know for myself I can see the effort to convey information and be up front and I appreciate it.

I feel like having some information before hand helps to calm my anxiety about a patch and really allows me to be more relaxed and understanding if there are delays instead of silence.

Don’t take that as in I didn’t appreciate the jobs all CM’s were doing prior especially with the limited information you are given, I just wanted to show support for the new direction and echo the sentiment of this post.

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Aha and there are the insults because you have nothing better to say in your argument. I see

Who got insulted? Check again, I didnt insult anyone.

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If you believe im implying something then thats your interpretation based on nothing but speculation. I never implied anything by it. I clearly stated that if they say theyll do something then dont, then civilized criticism is justified. Tell them they messed up so they can learn and do better. If they go through with what they say then its not needed is it. Stop gaslighting

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AGS CMs are not volunteers, and are vital for addressing the dynamic integration of the Lost Ark interface with the Western Audience. CMs have a much more important role in this regard to the success of Lost Ark here in the West. Having said this, the issues that are brought up daily in these forums cannot be treated and dismissed as trivial with simple “nods” and service responses. CMs are not customer service representatives. Players should be allowed to express the full range of changes they want to see in the game, and problems that affect gameplay experience and paid interest.

Our version is emptier than the russian and JP versions at any relative point of release timeline. This bot problem really exposes the glaring faults of the game, a situation that cannot be easily dealt with, but also cannot be as easily dismissed. LoA is a game that relies heavily on a player driven market.

Lost Ark is not the “high tech” next gen actino RPG mmo that it was “hyped” to be.

It’s a pretty big spaghetti code mess of a rickshaw gambling game.

Smilegate is doing a pretty lazy job at localizing our version, and AGS is doing a terrible job at communicating what the West needs for it to work here. AGS has outsourced their own work to “hype marketting” and focusing on the most trivial aspects of the game.

AGS needs to stop hiding behind a faux veil of ignorance and start addressing the most damaging and problematic aspects of the game - economy and content release. Translation, time differences, and Korea developer need to stop being used as excuses. There’s no lost in translation here, math and gameplay is the same no matter what culture or country you are. As a Korean American I find it very insulting to everyone’s intelligence that gameplay issues are not addressed more directly and with lack of expedience or transparency. Smilegate is not immune to criticism - their feet need to be held to the fire like any other Western Software developer.


Your neck? The only necks we want removed are the 200k bots.

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Fantastic communication in this weekly maintenance update @Roxx! This is exactly what the players wanted.

If things get delayed of course there will be some people upset, there always will be. Just know that the majority of the playerbase prefer to be kept in the loop and I feel the Hotfix notes are a great start!