Very Important feedback about the Penalty over not being Trusted

Why not add another penalty for people with not a trusted status such as restricting usage of Area chat and Whisper chat so the spams stops? The bots make new accs after getting banned and continue their advertisment spamming without worry. they should expand the restriction to ingame chats muting.

I compiled a small list and what effects it would have with this added restrictions:

  • Ingame Mute (Not being able to use the Area chat, Normal chat or any kind of chat other than Emotes for questing)
  • Restrict untrusted steam users from accessing the Market and the Auction house.
  • Hourly/Bihourly Captchas to verify you are not a bot for untrusted steam users.

The Ingame mute will make it so everytime they get banned for spamming gold selling sites they aren’t able to just make a new account in few minutes and be back to spamming their gold selling sites. It will essentially kill the spam.

Market restriction will kill largely any Botting operations for botters. They are stripped from playing the market and can’t dump huge amount of botted items into the market tanking the prices and selling the gold they made from the botted items and to add bots are not able to transfer their massive gold over to other servers through the market.

Captchas will curbstomp their botting operation on the maps. We have seen those countless Videos of 30 clumped up bots killing mobs in a circle. This Captcha either kills or mitigates this situation by alot.

Feel free to add more suggestions as to what other penalities should be added to combat the bot situation.


I’m guessing because this is a new system. Better to see how it holds up and works before putting more restrictions in and potentially having it bug out and disrupt legit gameplay.

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I dont trust you. Please send me your name, adress and Credit Card info, so I can…

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I don’t know what the barrier to Trusted is, but I’m sure it’s cheaper than a $15 box cost of the game.

And games with box costs and subscriptions still have rampant bot/gold selling issues.

As long as there’s buyers, there will be sellers.

It’s 5 $ and you have to wait 30 days to become trusted. Botters are not going to shell out 5 $ for their 100 bot accounts, wait 30 days to advertise for a few hours just to get banned again. My feedback aims to disrupt and try to end the Bot text spamming in area chat. RMT is harder to combat to which i have no solution other than backtracking gold transfers of botters.

That’s a bigger deterrent than the $5.

Korea does this and theres no issue. in contrary it deters botting aswell.

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I dont even know how to get the “trusted” status, lmao, btw, they should ban IP from bots and it will be one of the best solutions, even if bots get a vpn, they migth be able to identify it to ban IDs not accounts, or adding verificacion systems as phone numbers or something to prevent bots to create accounts

It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just buy anything on steam for 5 $ and wait 30 days to become trusted. it’s actually that simple but for botters this is a huge filter.

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Roxx described it as anti fraud. It’s probably so people have to register a payment method to make that $5 purchase, which is easier to track. Rather that trying to lock them out.

5 on LA? Does the Founders pack works for it? or 5 on any purchase?

I think the 30 days delay is much more important to them

Yeah, i understand but my feedback was to add a mute penalty on Area chat/whisper chat or the entire chat for untrusted accounts. it would largely solve the bot spamming because they would have no way to circuvent this unless they pay 5 $ for each of their botter account and wait 30 days to able to speak.

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It’s a steam system so any purchase on steam prior than the last 30 days makes you a trusted account


Oh for sure it’s important. But like it was said above, $5 and wait 30 days and they just keep them coming in waves.
However, to make that $5 purchase they use payment method A. When identified as Bot/RMT I’m fairly sure Steam can probably ban you from using that payment method. Which means they need to keep finding new ones, which are harder hoops to jump through than new steam accounts.


it’s really a big filter for botters and i hope this feedback reaches @Roxx and the dev team because it would be a huge blow for the botters.

I agree. if the system works as they hope this week I’d love to see more restrictions added. Most free to play options for some MMOs don’t even allow you auction house access. Imagine if they added that they couldn’t sell all those adventure tome items.

Hopefully analytics show genuine untrusted accounts as very low amount so they can ramp up restrictions.

To add to the other guy, you don’t need to spend the money on LA. It can be any game, or even none. I believe you can just put the money in your steam wallet and it will count.

Oh i didn’t think about restricting the Auction house/Player market aswell that is also a good one. They could add a captcha system for untrusted players that pops up every 2 hours that you have to solve aswell.