Very odd ban situation, need developer's help

Sorry for your ban @lawahez - hope you get some more luck in the coming days- I also have an active forum post about my ban and have been falsely banned too.

I was wondering how you knew you got a 2 month ban from CS or appeals email?

This process is so messed up man.


Yup, feel this, which is why I said at this point would be nice if they just refunded me or any player in that regard. But even so as you said not only people who pay but f2p players as well are getting this awful treatment. Just like the post I mentioned earlier from Shy Diana who streamed, if you took a look could see she got banned live stream when all her gameplay was streamed. They removed that ban because it was blatantly wrong, and locked her post before she could even say anything.

I had even posted a picture of how Amazon Support said all bans are “human” made so that was very odd to see her banned like that from a “human”.

Either way this has gotten out of hand with lack of help from “shadow moderation team”


I understand ya @lawahez , my ban is similar

My streamer friends asked to donate to me to support my broken ankle situation and I accepted without knowing the source. I hope we can get some help with our situations.


Did I post something inappropriate @Stooh ?

Is there a reason you Unlisted my post ?

@Fenrirskoll is this how the customers with legit cases get treated ?

@Roxx you have been surprisingly quiet throughout this whole thing… guess I heard wrong about you.

What a beautiful ending to a thread that asked for help while showing you proof that people are not doing their jobs


Seriously, yeah and locking quite a few post. Again as I said before burying things and hiding them hoping they go away.


At least you got a lot of people to see your post. Mine was locked up in with 30 minutes with proof and everything.

There was a streamer that got their appeal resolved quickly with mods on this forum escalating the issue to their team. But for common people like us, if we don’t have viewers, we are out of luck.

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quite a few people on our team stream have heard about this in great detail.

its bothering everyone that hears about it.

there is nothing remotely fair or even logical on how these “appeals” are handled.

it’s a smoke and mirrors system to keep you running in circles, and only a lucky few get a reply. such as people with a huge following, or a glaringly large mistake that cant be overlooked.

i gotta say, this is not a good look for any of the teams involved. the emails are here for all to see, with a timeline to explain it, there is no way around it, people are not doing the job they claim to do

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Not only that but they are banning people who are actively purchasing crystals and supporting the game.

When you star banning people who receive gold, you are going to get so many false positive flags like streamers and people like us. That is why other games don’t ban their player base but ban bots.

You start getting into situations like this where you get bad press from streamers and people who support the game. It will only continue to happen until they ban more people like us and when you do…friends who got ban are playing other games…so other players follow and the game dies.

Share holders of amazon will look and see that profit has gone down, executives of AGS will ask their employee and ask why record profit has come down in the following months, and see that they are banning actual paying players who got banned because of bad situation. It goes downhill from there.


you just described the history of World of Warcraft in a nutshell…


Facts, it’s really probably one of the most horrendous things I have seen.

“Prove to us you didn’t do what we accuse you of.”

Ok, at this point you want my SSN, all my bank information anything else to find out about me my internet provider to see what sites I have gone to. It’s like how can you prove something that can’t be proven realistically.


But apparently, we are the cheaters that should be banned.

We are the ones ruining the game.

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Hello @lawahez,

I have read through your correspondence and chats on this matter and thoroughly investigated your case. I can see your last communication and how it was answered by Tina 2, which is indeed an Amazon Games representative in customer service. Amazon Games Moderators have different tasks from the customer service representatives.

Aside from this, every appeal entered in the system will first go through customer service, which has full access to view your past correspondence, and they will then forward to the moderators as needed, after which they will relay the response from the mods to the appealing party. Note this is how every first or relevant appeal is handled but as an alternative, such as in your case and similar, where many appeals have already been submitted, reviewed, and replied back to: Customer Service may indeed respond letting you know how, “we do not have further insight to provide and further inquiries on this matter will not receive a response.”

The appeals channel is not for submitting questions or requests of leniency, it is to make clear and concise appeals and as is stated in the appeal form itself, “Ban appeal requests that attempt to justify actions that violate the Code of Conduct will be denied.” It then goes on to list a not all-encompassing list of excuses that will not be considered as valid appeals and will therefore not be analyzed. Note this is also a point I addressed on my very first response on this thread:

With this in mind, you are sadly not likely to receive further replies to further appeals so continuing to submit them, regardless of your desire for leniency and whatever external reasons you state were behind the ban in question, will result in no answer or a ratification of the fact the account is banned.

Finally, in regards to the actual answer provided in your last interaction, we can definitely see another instance of human error, not due to the fact the account is banned but mainly due to an in-concise answer which I again apologize for. This has been forwarded to the relevant parties for review, not directly impacting your account ban status in any way.

We will continue to review this thread’s ongoing communication whereas from a Support stance, we have nothing else to add.

I hope this clarifies your course of action, which is to wait on the ban to conclude and follow up via the ban appeal process accordingly. :wolf:

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while i appreciate that you responded, and went in great detail, this is a part that i dont get and makes no sense.

i got an email essentially saying “thanks for contacting us, but i cant help you” while i didnt contact them…

unless she is sending this a few days late, which is the only way you could have found communication from me since i didnt speak with them for a few days.

anyways, this is a feedback forum, and from what i know feedback is the only way to recognize issues that need fixing, and this is what we are providing for you.

we are showing all of you cases and pictures and proof that the current ban system and appeal process is hugely flawed and needs revising.

and i honestly think i speak for many people here when i say our ultimate goal is that you fix this process and do something about it.

waiting until September is in no way the end of the world for me, as i already made a new account and I’m already 1400 on it… but I legit have a daily fear when I log in that it will get banned for absolutely no real reason, and my gaming experience hasn’t been good since the ban. and THATS the point.

Hello @lawahez,

Bear in mind this is not the feedback section of the forums but the Support section. You are however welcome to file your thoughts and feedback in the Feedback section of the forums as you see fit. Please bear in mind you can also submit your feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Best of lucks! :wolf:

i meant Forums in general but thank you for pointing out the direction.

ill create a thread and link them together and hopefully we can be part of a bigger solution.

if you read everything, then you already know we went this far because we love the game and feel wronged… we will keep going further… but realistically, if nothing changes, we and many others will burn out and just find another one. and no thats not a threat, thats just how gaming works… learn from other companies and the mistakes they made in the past.

thank you for your time


So should a feedback post be made or this one just moved to feedback at this point? Also in those feedback tickets will we receive a reply on it?


Hello @Teezy,

Since this ticket was initially a call for support, it was correctly logged here. Now that the intention has swapped to providing feedback on the moderation process, it is best to have a new topic created and correctly addressed as feedback in the feedback portion of the forums. This post can be quoted in it.

Feedback channels have different response timeframes and procedures but eventually you may get a response, if anything is deemed worth passing along. That would be left at the moderator’s discretion in that section.

Good luck to you! :wolf:

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one final thing from a support perspective…

please, for the love of holy potatoes… do something about the 700,000 bots running around and the open advertisement.

they add fuel to the fire… can you even begin to comprehend being me and what im going through and watching them not only run around freely, but also disrupt my attempt at making a new account after losing one because some brainless ass decided to screw me over through our stream using their “product”

and please don’t tell me to report them… saying that is very much the equivalent of allowing it to happen on purpose… have you seen their names ??? you try to type out these names 4 at a time every other area you go to while they run around like a bunch of rabbits on steroids… tell me how much you would enjoy that.

just reading that gave me a headache…

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It is AGS issue to resolved and it was told by them they would have bots running around in the western world and they need to fix it. They let this happen and they let illegal gold to run around. And when we get donated gold from illegal sources…we’re the one to get ban. While the farmers makes new account and dont get punish. But the people who paid and support the game does. What a game.