[Videos] Botting is extremely out of control



There is just way too many to report. I’ve filled up block list after block list in just an hour. I know it’s not the same person because I would move to completely different areas and different channels.

It’s just too rampant and I feel like it’s just not going to get better. In fact, I think it’s going to get even worse. Bots aren’t just in T1 content but in T2 and T3 as well.

I feel like it’s a slap in our faces when we’re told to just report them and then nothing seemingly gets done. If there was a way to let us know that a report was actioned on, that would be wonderful. We don’t have to know what was done or to whom or when. Just something along the lines of, “Hey, someone you reported was found to be actionable, thanks!”

The reason I say that nothing seemingly gets done is because here is bot that was reported, in the same channel, stuck in the same spot, for over 24 hours. Left side is from a video I posted in a different thread and the right side is the very next day.

Obvious bots like these should, in my honest opinion, be removed as soon as possible as it not only may potentially deter any future players but generally an annoying eye and ear sore.

This video below has T2 bots doing an Una quest. These players have also recently been seen in the new event going on right now that came out with the Argos patch.

I’m sure we can all agree that we came across this at one point in our adventures. This is just here to reference what to look out for and the situation we are in (different with the Argos patch at this moment)


I’ve seen bots in T2 and T3 as well. AGS has stated that they’ve began banning over a million accounts but I fear that those were mostly inactive previously farmed accounts that are no longer in use anyway. I know the system isn’t perfect yet but at least they’re making strides in tackling the issue. In my opinion we really need a preventative system in place like detection from the anticheat to flag the software/virtual patterns and scripts these bots use and automatically ban the accounts upon detection which is 100% within EAC’s capacity.

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Next thing they’ll say is something along the lines of, “Oh, it’s only a few outliers that made it to T2/T3” or, “It’s not as bad as it seems.”

They did the same thing in New World when the whole multiple duping issues (items and currency) was going on. Even the botting. Tried to downplay the severity of it all when the entire community knew how bad it really was (it was very bad).


Bots have been in the game for 1 month. They do this in front of everyone. Amazon doesnt have enough employees and interests. trading of the game is almost dying. They pass the players off with empty words. nothing they do… They lost hundreds of thousands of players. they still dont care. They probably have a team of 3-4 people and they try to banned bots with by just following peoples reports. Amazon wasnt selling gold in the New World and they didnt banned bots. Amazon sells gold on Lost Ark. And these bots steal from them. They still dont care. If they dont find a solution this week, I will leave the game on 1350 GS. and they will lose thousands of players like me. I wish you continued success Amazon. I guess this could have been the worst form of management. and Amazon did :slight_smile:


What’s wild is Smilegate gave them the opportunity to do something great with this game here in NA/EU and what do they do? It’ll be like their other games (except for New World but we know that’s a when and not an if).

wait ? there are bots in t3 …? this is even worse than anything else because of the endless chaos dungeon farm … and the tradeable mats

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I think the game needs as in Korea to authenticate the account with a phone number, so it would greatly reduce the number of bots if not a game master at least 1 each region or bots will kill this game


I would add the ban system like apex legend ban by ip and hardware to cheats and bots


It… is not within EAC’s capacity, as EAC only works on the client side and usually bots don’t even launch the client (or run EAC) to begin with.

Anticheat software isn’t meant to handle bots unless it does full traffic encryption on the client side.

Nonetheless, there are other tools that I’m sure AGS/SG have access to that will handle this if properly used.

I would advise you to check out their History :

They make games for like a Decade already, but nothing successful.

Bunch of Mobile Stuff, some canceled. Crucible got shut down after 5 Months. New World literally being one quarterly report away of being put into maintenance…

Everything they touch goes brrbrr :sweat_smile:


Come on, LA is their first shot at licensing a third-party MMO instead of working with Relentless Studios (which is a first-party studio from AGS).

At least they have a competent developer behind the scenes this time around, as a lot of the New World issues were developer-bound, not publisher-bound.

And look at what they are doing with it.

I wish I could post this issue on the Inven KR site but I don’t have a KSSN.

It is too early to say if Lost Ark will last, I guess.

According to Steam, only like 14.1% of players even crossed 302 GS yet.

And there are even Bots which achieved that, lol :rofl:

Everyone knows that botting is an issue…we don’t need 100 forum posts a day. Chill out.

This is beyond an issue though.


I think AGS/Smilegate could need some reminders!


In Korea, you have people showering the game development team with gifts, praise, and just wholehearted love because of the amount of effort put into the game and how much care they have for it. Here, AGS just lets the bots rampage through every bits of the game, disrespecting everything that the actual developers have put effort into. Give it some time, you’ll see them everywhere in T2 content and then T3 content. Have fun doing your matchmaking for Guardians and Abyssals with aoihjgwoijoi and xmqoignqoei, I’m sure they’re going to be really great players.


You know, addressing a bot issue is something a publisher flags, and a developer is supposed to solve…

They gotto fix it asap. Marked and shop are about to get ruined.
Just crazy how many bots there are. And that that they all got runspeed equal to mount and all bot have teleport/flash.

Give me ban button ingame! Ill hunt them all down! whatever it takes!

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i mean tbh … if they have reached t3 and spam chaos dungeons … it is almost too late and the only solution would be a wipe

because those mats are tradeable … which ruins a whole different economy aside from the mb

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