Vikas Gate 2.Mechanics 2

I saw the guide of Vikas Gate 2. Now there is the second mechanics of the game where you have to collect 3 balls on 3 sides of the map. Now the game shows you black and red colors. rrbbr - for example I wanted to understand if anyone knows how to tell which ball is red and which is black

You type it out in chat

I am. Mean when the boss takes out the balls.How can I know what to collect there are no colors in the balls

You read what you typed out in chat ~

What are you talking about? There are balls that the boss throws if it will be red how can I know that is my question

once they type in the color all black balls are black and you have to remember the color rotation.

So the balls even though it is black will either be red or black just all appear black after to make players remember rotation.

Rewatch the video. The boss pulses colors before the balls shoot out. :slight_smile:

They always all black balls it’s a secret. The secret is revealed through the black and red pulses that is done.

So I only collect black. And the red I do not touch it

In this game there are too many toxic .If you will not be very good. You will not succeed in the raid

yeah you just have to remember the pulse rotation.

for example, if it’s black black red black red

remember that rotation or type it down because all orbs shot will be black after.
So as a group you grab them in turns so it’s


Thank you hope it will be good