Main issue:
My ALT did two hidden quests and was rewarded with items, silver and XP points but NO VIRTUE POINTS.
The two quests (that I am aware) of missing virtue points are
Cold City of Mine (+1 wisdom, Arthetine) and Missing Suppliers (+1 Kindness, Shushire);
(3 webpage sources; Youtube (from late February), Guide from and LostArkCodex say I should get virtue points).

More info:
I missed a list of yellow/hidden quests and 2 Adventure tome hidden story quests on my MAIN, so I planned on doing them on my ALT.
My account has never used any POWERPASS or knowledge transfer (I read forums that you miss out a lot with POWERPASS).
My ALT has just finished Shushire.
My MAIN has finished Punika main quest chain.
Before my ALT did the quests (in Arthetine and Shushire),
I double-checked in the quest journal if the quests were completed by my MAIN, which they weren’t.
Neither in chat panel, nor in roaster information panel showed that I have gained any virtue points upon completion.
It was at this point, I started to worry that playing with ALT won’t be rewarded with any virtue points.
Yellow quests usually but not always reward you with virtue points.

I tried to re-do the same quests with my MAIN but I couldn’t. Quest journal has registered them as completed.
Those virtue points were forever lost. How many more virtue points did I miss by doing them on my ALT?
I then went to East Luterra Crocony Seashore with my MAIN and picked up a yellow quest, completed it and got +1 wisdom.
So, I get virue points with my MAIN but not with my ALT.

Virtue points are shared across roster, so why can’t my ALT earn those kind of virtue rewards?
As a player, I shouldn’t have to keep track what type of quests my ALT can and can’t do to get virtue rewards.

My MAIN missed the majority of Guardian Investigation Quests with virtue points reward.
Since my ALT recently unlocked Guardian Raids I was planning on completing the quests with my ALT,
but now I will do them with my MAIN to make sure I get fully rewarded.
(I need 360 Wisdom to unlock rapport quest and story with Nineveh.)
I also do Una’s tasks, adventure tomes and rapport for virtue potions but those takes long time to be done.

Too bad I can’t gear up, quests and pick up missed virtue points with my ALT and save time.
It’s a major inconvenience.
I feel sorry for my friends that has many alts ahead of me.
They got A LOT less virtue points than me since they skipped a lot of side quests with their mains,
unkowningly until now, they missed out a lot of virtue points by doing the missed quests with their alts.

The game is fun to play, so please fix the ALT-questing-issue.

LostArkCodex is not always accurate from what I’ve noticed. Did the quest in game say it would reward virtue?

Also, the rumor about powerpass not giving virtue has been verified to be a myth. Player just ‘feels’ they were missing out because they expect to have higher virtue.

Everything else I have not tested myself, so I can’t say much to it.