Virtue stats ? tutorials?

so how do i increase my virtue stats from the beginning ? order of stuff that i should do ?

Various NPCs can grant you +10 to a Virtue stat through gaining rapport levels.

There are also some +10 potions behind collectibles within the game.

Some achievements grant virtue points.

And finally skins give virtue points too,
If your looking for a cheap boost, look into buying the Maze chest skins from the AH, i know on NAW you can get all 3 pieces for around 30 gold or less.

To add to what was said above me, some Una reputations also reward virtue stat potions, you can check the rewards in the reputation tab

Also Hidden Stories and bosses in Adventurer’s Tome also give you a few virtue stats, they add up with all the zones we have.

Here is a page that lists all achievements that award virtue stats as well as all the virtue stat potions (and where to get them)