Visibility suggestion


I want to suggest you something to increase the visibility of the game. :arrow_down_small:

:arrow_forward: Can you reduce or at least make a function to reduce the window of the “restart” button for the raids? It looks embarrassing when someone clicks this button and you have these big windows in the middle of the screen …

:arrow_forward: Tripod System: Should be good if we get a crop mark on the amulets we get on chaos dungeons, for the tripod we took on our character (like the engravings).

As well, it looks confusing when we want to upgrade our tripod on the PNJ. Indeed, the windows at the right show the tripod of the amulet and not the tripod we have taken on our character. Should be fine to have a second window to see what we have taken on our character.

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Hi @Insanetritrice, thanks for sharing your feedback! As your post was made in the French-speaking category, I’m moving it to the English-speaking one so it can be seen by everyone :slight_smile:

you can track them, press K, click setting, and choose which tripods you want to track

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