Vital Point Hit on Paladin?(closed)

I did a 5x3 build . I’m using vital point and also magic stream. No regrets.

My main paladin to, i didn’t play vital hit but i think stagger is not paladins work. It giving percentages of stagger so you need high stagger for being efficient, paladin have a 1 real stagger skill. I think drops of ether or magick stream more useful. But if you have a static group and they have a low stagger, maybe than you can use.

Depends on how many blue paladin skills you’re playing with since they have the most stagger value. Usually paladins play with atleast 2 blue skills which are the counters, a 36% stagger increase to those skills is massive. The next legion raid has plenty of staggerchecks of which some you might need to do alone if another player messes up, without Vital point hit that stagger check is impossible to pass alone. Realistically you won’t get as much value out of Magic Stream on clown as lets say Drops of Ether or Vital point hit. I’d say Vital point is much better if you don’t have a static who know what to do and which of their skills do most stagger damage, otherwise if you’re pugging I’d heavily recommend Vital point.


If you have to choose one i prefer vital hit point to drops of ether. We can never be sure who our dps in the party will be. You might get the worst stagger classes ever (deadeye, gunslinger, sharpshooter…). My static group has gunslinger AND deadeye. So vital hit point is basically a must-have.

Its 5th on my Bard and should be on Pala aswell. Check loawa, good to invest now into Vital Point as there will be (more) content where we (supports) need it.

Just save a engraving book slot for swaping vital point/drops/magick stream, and change them depending on situation. Thats what i do.
Basically you only need to swap 1 acessory to change engraving on demand.

I did a 5x3 build . I’m using vital point and also magic stream. No regrets.