Vocal songs don't play

All 3 of the vocal songs don’t play on the gramaphone in your stronghold as BGM or local.

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could I have your character name and server? :slight_smile:

My vocal songs do not play on the gramophone either. I use the KR Voicepack

Appreciate the additional information regarding this issue!

The Problem re-occured with the latest update. No music anymore.

Thank you for letting us know you’re having this issue again, Kaasumii.

Are you using the KR voice pack?

Hi Centeotl,

Yes i do.

Thank you for letting me know! The development team is looking into this problem.

Will this be fixed or not?

Unfortunately I cannot promise a definitive date for this problem being fixed. But it is being investigated.

There is nothing to “investigate”…

Select “Korean” as audio language.

Go Stronghold… any server, any character. Pick a song from the “vocal” category.


Select “English” as audio language:

no silence

This was broken in the first two weeks after the jukebox came out, but then was fixed… now you broke it again…

Hi there, DoctorVanGogh.

I am not part of the development team.

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with the latest Update this problem is still present. It has been fixed two weeks after release of the Jukebox as DoctorVanGogh stated. So the fix should still be there, if you could forward this @Centeotl, that would be really pleasent.

Thank you in advance.

I can forward that over for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.