Voice Acting Swapping possible?

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Sry if this has been already asked before but the search function didn’t show up any of those specific questions from me…

Going to play on EU as a German… But I usually play all my games with English text… Now I really like the JP/KR voice acting. is it possible to play the game with english text and JP/KR voices?! Or do I have to stick with german…? Thanks for the answers!


All we know so far is a lot of people have requested KR as a voice option and Roxx said she would send the question up.


I too would like to know. Me and my friends hope we won’t have to mod the game to achieve this.

@Spazz I seriously wouldn’t bank on changing audio files as a “mod”, they’re encrypted for a reason and replacing them lands people with bans in KR.

Yes, you will be able to select different subtitles and voice over


Is it possible to get more insight on this to know which voice overs are gonna be available or are confirmed atm?

Right now, German, English, Spanish, and French!

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It’s understandable that Languages (VO/Text) specific to other regions re-releases that did their own localization efforts (Japanese, Russian) won’t be coming to the Western release, but it would be very nice to get access to the original Korean language (specifically for VO)


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So does that mean that the final decision on language option for Korean has been made?

Playing korean mmo, ofc people want to use korean or even japanese VO, why bother to make english, german, spanish and french, really make no sense to me.

Because many people like me want to play games and hear the language they speak in the game. Not that crazy of a concept lol.

as a German i rly don´t like german voiceover. but LostArk got some of the BEST !!! voiceactor i heard in a long time (game-wise) … i played the beta full in my native Language and don´t felling wierd to change it to KR / ENG etc. :heart::heart: thumps up