Voice Pack Korean unavailable


@Roxx why is it not available to download if your country is from the “Netherlands”?
Though we were legal to play now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Any update on Japanese voice pack now that I got the attention ? :smiley:

Moving this to the bug reporting section of the forums.

Japanese voice pack is not something that will likely ever happen, as the Japan publisher for Lost Ark owns the rights to that audio, and we do not have a deal or partnership with that publisher.

“Yo, Japanese LA publisher! Wanna swap voice pack rights? We access to the Japanese audio, you get English”

Worth a try IMO.

any update on hotfix for this? I would like to have Korean pack… At least one pack to have different voice over would be nice, unless Netherlands is more Japan friendly with copy rights things we prefer that partner ship with japan.