Void Strike doesn't apply the second part of the dmg

The ability called Void Strike on the DeathBlade its not working properly or im retarded idk bcs it says Charge and release the skill key midway to perform an upper slash with your longsword to inflict 445 Damage, launching foes into the air. Overcharge to push foes back as you advance 5 meters forward, inflicting up to 907.4 Damage and launching foes higher in the air. and it doesnt matter how long i hold it or w.e i do i never get the second part of the dmg done i was researching what overcharge means but i didnt find anything. lately i noticed when i press an ability with a holding mechanic it says supercharge above my character so that made me think if there is supercharge there should be and a overcharge mechanic which i dont understand and im doing something wrong i started researching even harder but without any results. any suggestions ?

supercharge is an engraving and overcharging just means you fill up the bar before release. The second explosion only comes if you select the final tripod dark explosion.

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Hi, Iā€™m having the exact same problem. Did it resolve for you after selecting the third tripod? For me it still does the first attack damage.

Its clearly the tripod! i have this skill and it works as intended! maybe you dont charge it?

So the overcharge only available when u have 3rd pods opened up. That skill description is misleading. Thanks for the help!