VPN is still causing the game to route to SA

This shouldn’t be happening if the game is set to bypass it. I’ve seen post where people can’t connect to their own region without VPN but somehow the exact opposite is also happening. And no, editing the config file does nothing. Turning it back on while the game is running doesn’t cause any disconnect so I’m pretty sure its a game issue.

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Thought VPN were banned as against the ToS?

Whether it’s banned due TOS or not is not the issue. The game should be connecting directly to the servers as the game is set to bypass my VPN, yet somehow it detects that I am using it and defaults me to SA and locking other regions.

vpn is bannable and blacklisted try exitlag i heard it’s whitelisted

I would argue that you probably have it configured incorrectly if this is the case. Not really sure that this is an issue that AGS will be able to do anything about. Make sure it is set to ignore everything related to Lost Ark including EAC and Steam.

i think what OP wants to do is actually NOT USING vpn on lost ark
some people need vpn for work and other kind of secret stuff (not being tracked, etc). and we can set the vpn program to bypass lost ark, so any other program other than lost ark will go thru vpn and lost ark won’t be using any vpn

so i kinda agree with bluecogs up there, try setting your bypass again OP, put steam, eac, or the whole lost ark folder on the bypass settings of your vpn

VPNs or not, something is screwy with their detection.

When I connect from work during lunch time, which is in Redmond, WA U.S.A, the game forces me in South America, which makes ZERO sense since the geo ip information associated with the IP address is clearly correct.

Come on, I work on global GLB/CDN networks and deal with things like this all the time, this information is widely available. There’s NO good reason for this sort of mess.

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The weird thing is I’ve been using the same rules since VPNs were banned and had no issue. It was at one point it started acting up and haven’t been able to figure it out.

Exitlag is whitelisted but they blocked all the routes lol, so it’s also dead.

Yeah I really don’t know what would cause that.

So you can connect to your region fine when the VPN is disabled?

VPN starts with my computer so I would have to turn it off, launch the game, then turn it back on to use it for what I need. Usually when you turn on your VPN in the middle of something using an internet connection it disrupts it. The fact that I can turn it on and off while in game without dcing is why I suspect something is up with the game.