VPN lock forcing CIS players to support the war

Dear Amazon team,

As you know, the EU central contained a lot of CIS players(Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine). And here’s why:

Mail.ru, who is the CIS region publisher is a government-sponsored(part of Gazprom Media), pro-war(multiple cases of hiding and misrepresenting information regarding Russian-Ukranian war via their search system) organization.

By not allowing them to play on EU\NA servers you are forcing players to either play on a server, which is a straigh sponsor of war or to quit.

Even though VPN is against ToS, can the exclusion happen for CIS region? We really love the game and dont want to support the war.


my question is why in this world there are people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine if this is EU server? why not block their IP months ago then?


My question would be is geography a thing for you or just another random term you don’t believe in?

Unfortunately, many people are not able to distinguish between geographic affiliation and political position.
I have nothing against players from the CIS, first of all they are people, the same players as we are, but, unfortunately, they can’t play on foreign servers.

cis as in cisgender?

The best they could probably do is close their eyes to it.
The problem is, that you usually can’t see where the person using the “VPN” (VPNs are actually sth different, but its the term everyone including the companies providing the service are using…) is residing.
That is the whole point.

That and the fact, that AGS’ license agreement doesn’t include the CIS region. So they will never be able to officially allow ppl to circumvent the regio-block using a VPN…
Not to mention that most ppl in Russia at least can’t use their CCs here right now due to the sanctions put on russia for starting the war.