Vykas bus cost and how to communicate?

I am just 1 honing away from unlocking her, so I checked the party finder to find the bus price. It seems a bus cost 3500 gold and a source on the internet said she rewards only 3300. How are people affording those bus prices?

Also is there any way to talk to a person who is hosting a lobby without joining the lobby first?

ur welcome Vykas Gate 1 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics

idk why vykas bus is expensive.

Just watch the guides, do learning lobbies etc. You can always pm the lead and try to ask for lower price, but idk haha. Just learn the fight.

Vykas is rather simple all things considered. Especially normal is insanely forgiving, you can cheese most mechs with just time stop

Why bus ismn the first place? The raid is really simple. Learn it like the rest of us.

I always watch guides, but I’m, EUW, there are no learning lobbies. I wasn’t let into any lobby first week of Argos nor Valtan, so that’s why I’m expecting the same to happen here.

How do I pm? I was looking for that but I don’t know how.

Because bus parties will accept me while other parties don’t. Pretty simple. Would you play with me? Roster 79, ilvl 1430, spec/crit/swift ignition sorc, 4x3 no grudge. No? I thought not.

Are you sure these buses aren’t NHH (G1 Normal, G2-3 Hard)? Because that is not 3300g

Vykas NM - 4.5k
Vykas Hard (1G NM, 2 + 3 hard ) 7k
EUW bus prices.

You pay for having access to legion raid mats, price has nothing to do with gold gained.

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Ok, so are Vykas materials going to let me hone cheaper? Or is having her gear part of gatekeeping? Otherwise why pay so much for her mats?

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“all gates exp bus 4500g”
I don’t see anything in there indicating that it’s hard for g2/g3. Kind of scammy if you pay and then it turns out you are not allowed to complete it.

I saw learning parties at euw, so just take your time.

and read mobalytics guide, it explains all

I mean I have made one myself, but it didn’t fill so it doesn’t count.
Maybe Vykas is different. I can understand if it is with those prices. Obviously I won’t pay for bus until tuseday if I even get my last honing this week.

good luck. Def check guides properly, it makes everything rather easy.

Now vykas is easy. However. Vykas Hard gate 1 has one of the hardest mech to me lol, velganos pizza. Took me like 6-7 tries until i got it right, def watch guide for pizza how to do that one lol

You pay them for the effort. Vykas has 3 gates and needs more drivers. So obviously it’s more expensive than valtan.

I am on EUW to…and I dont need bus. I learned the mechs

How did you get into parties?

I watched videos and joined groups…said I know mechs…and I didnt…and the more I failled the more I learned. Vykas is super easy now.

…or make a party and inside you ask who can lead. You wont master it untill you fail enough. Make a learning party…loads of ways. Took me about 20 hours to kill it with new randoms…but it done.

So basically you didn’t have the same problem with Vykas that I had with Argos and Valtan.
It’s good to hear that getting in parties were not a problem for you.
May I ask when this was? Obviously if it was shortly after she was released the experience will be vastly different.

I did it in week 2 after Vykas release. So was still early…

Yes, so your experience is not relevant for me.

KR Akkan is 25-35k normal and 100k+ hard

ouu, you’re new new.

okok, yes. You need your relic gear, absolutely, but you don’t get to unlock it until 1445. I suggest honing to 1445, bu t sticking to valtan hormal to learn that. Sorry euw isn’t as populated :frowning: i’d help if u were on nawest