Vykas Delay Means We Get SH Honing Buff?


My main is 1475. And it is not nearly as lucrative as you make it.

You literally get maybe 50 more gaurdian stones from 1370 to 1415.

The average amount of leaps you get is 3 more. 3 more. The numbers i gave you were the cheapethod without the honing buff. Its about 2k g leaps and 80k guardian and 9 k destruction. Thats not including the 1400 ish basic oreha materials and the gold cost associated with honing. So you are saying you made back the honing massive difference in the honing cost off of a handful of weekly leaps from argos and a handful of extra guardian stones?

If you play the game you know that 99.9% of the relic accessory drops are garbo. I am yet to see a good one. Why dont you show all you alts at 1415 take a screen shot

No no Buff coming!

It is not just the “more loot” argument. For me it is also

  • sth. else then Yoho all da time
  • Only 1 time Valtan per week (will push 1 or two alts to 1430)
  • more loot ofc too (and also relic possibilities)

That is a good point being able to actually do valtan on more than 1 character. The amount of times me and my buddies say man wish we could do valtan again.

But that’s about it. I’m a stubborn asshole and will not drop any resources into alts until we get what everyone else got with the Vykas Drop.

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Totally agree with you. We did the painful way ONCE … and I am not keen on doing it twice that painful.

Watch they gonna remove Argos gold for 1475 and not release SH honing buff with Vykas

Oof that would be a complete eff you.

Honestly i’ll buy the packs too if it means release the SH honing buff for my sanity sake when honing. I can’t take all these pities.

I pushed my 6 1370’s to 1385 this week for some extra Argos and Velganos action. This is the easiest part (4k reds, 10k blues, 250ish ghl and 6k gold per character) but man, fuck me sideways did it feel like I was wasting resources. Can’t see myself pushing any further until we get the research. We deserve it.

I might do it on my favourite alt, atleast up to 1430 but I already know it will be terrible. Pathetic that we get the special snowflake version of an otherwise decent game.

have the mats to do this but i refuse to spend anything on these alts till the honing buff comes out. They until then I’ll keep stacking mats that way i don’t have to buy anything.

And on average you get 2 more leapstones daily and what…800g extra for P2 argos?
That’s 2k per week. So just 1370->1385 will take 3 weeks to pay off in just the gold cost.

4k red and 10k blue stones is like 13.5k gold on top of that.

Every alt past 1370 is a monumental gold sink that won’t be paid off for like 6 months if you plan on getting it to 1430 or something.

As you said, only worth pushing if you really want to play the class in legion raids.


I just want to point what this dude said.

I was pretty sure we would get it after the riot.

And now we are getting it.

Now we gotto deal with all the cry babies that honed their alts past 1370 :rofl:

:joy: we gucci now.

Well we get it like the last day of the month is that a delay?

buy mats now before 6.30 if you need to push your parked alts :3

I got a stock pile of mats stored up. Saving to sell and hone.

are you planning to sell on 6.30 or 2 weeks after that?