Vykas delayed again?

AGS get your shit together, if vykas doesnt come 23rd players will riot


I will not. I prefer to be 1480 instead of my current 1470 when she’s out :smiley:


yea but youre a noob


Ye I might be. I’m just informing you that I will not riot :stuck_out_tongue:

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how can something that never had a set release date be delayed

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I dont know. FOr some people June means 23rd of June. 30 is not an actual date.

It’s not ‘delayed’ unless it gets pushed to July.

Yes it’s not delayed unless it gets pushed to july. ?

Idk man, if you use your brain and see that they clearly were aiming for the 16th and since they didn’t have it ready they expanded the daily logins and the event. Its not hard to look at what they said and see its clearly been delayed from the original goal. :crazy_face:


i think theyre having a hard time removing the SH buff from our version as it was in KR’s version lol


June 2023 confirmed


No we won’t. June has more than 23 days.

Good! My IL is not yet ready for Vykas Hard, so i will not lose 1 week like i did with Valtan Hard.

Technically wrong as Roxx said they were aiming for mid june and that’s the only word we ever got, heres what mid june if circled in case you’re confused.

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That’s the word game we get from the forums, aiming doesn’t mean guaranteed.

The news post on the main page makes no mention of early-june, mid-june, or late-june.

It’s just June.

I’m likely in the minority but I’m fine with Vykas being another week or two out. I finally got my account where I want it (1460/1415/1370/1370/1370/1355) and have a nice weekly routine down that clears everything out in comfort.

Having a week or two to get a chance to stockpile would be a bonus before going in and learning Vykas and screwing up the peaceful rhythm of the week.

Mid-June means around 15:e every month! now it is 20:e so tell us, please? Dont say Mid-June next time if you dont know what it means. :cold_face: :hot_face:

It was never delayed.

Yeah man never delayed. They just extended an event and the daily log in rewards for no reason. because it was never delayed. Roxx said mid june, then quickly changed to roughly mid june, then edited again to say “who knows lol”

Not delayed btw. 30th of june is my favourite mid june date