Vykas delayed again?

That’s why they don’t give us exact dates, so we can’t point fingers at their incompetence.
“We never promissed an exact date so it was not delayed”

Ya’ll keep this up they just gonna stop telling you a time at all. You’ll just have a happy Thursday 1 hour before maintenance with patch notes for the latest content.

They had much more important things to deal with outside of dumping additional content on top of already stressed servers due to bots and queues. You think you’d be happy had they released last week with 800k Bots and 10k queues? You’d be here raging you can’t get on to play instead of raging you can get on to play but your newest content isn’t ready yet.


Yes. Roughly mid June didnt account for the bot situation, the queues, the thousands of players that coudnt even login.

Why are you so mad about a 2 week delay? It is not a big deal. Just stop complaining for one second and focus on the positives. bots are gone and you’re here crying about a 2 week delay…

I mean ffs

Yeah, gotta remember AGS is a small indie company with only 1 team.
You are right.


oh my god they had so much work they couldnt translate 50 lines of korean into english? damn that sucks

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Yea the events just happened to end mid month and both needed to be extended 1 week, and are now going to again need to be extended for another week. Which also coincides with the CM announcing the patch would be mid month. Definitely no delay here! This was all planned! /s

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idk what AGS or SG are. You don’t pour gas on a trash fire and expect it to get better.

Isn’t this how it already goes? Lol but they give us like a 12 hour notice.

They gave us one post with a rough estimate, mid June, and no date and then don’t bring it up again until the speculative date 6/16 (which most likely was their goal release date). Then the only info they give is not coming the week of 6/16 and they have no idea when they’ll share a date.

Maybe because this company is struggling to get a single patch out without 1-2 weeks delay and 0 communication being accurate.

The bot situation has been active since launch, it is not something that just sprung upon them randomly this month. If they didn’t take the time to deal with it prior to this then that’s on them too.


Maybe they flushed so many rmt players that they noticed, that there wouldnt be enough players to get vykas groups running /tinfoilhat

i mean there aren’t many people left to riot…

Botting and banning is literally a different team than the content team.

I dont know man. I find it hard to moan all day in the forums like a spoiled baby because I’m currently in Vern and there are zero bots.

So kudos to them. I dont give a flying FUCK about Vykas delay and I’m already 1470. In some other case I might complain but I’m pretty sure all these delays and miscommunications are due to extreme pressure from multiple fronts…

I just dont feel like complaining right now. You do your thiing and I’ll do mine I guess :smiley:

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I doubt they delayed it due to bots, long queues, and thousands of players that couldn’t login.

The build for our version is just not ready because Smilegate works with a 2 man team on our updates.


I don’t see anywhere that there was a release date for Vykas announced, thus it didn’t get delayed. You just got disappointed that your speculation didn’t end up being real.

Youre trolling.

Why does this matter? People couldnt login and the majority of the population that was about to fight Vykas was RMTers. they’ve sorted that out first and they will release Vykas with a 2 week delay because of it…

As I’ve said right above. you can keep complaining about everything. I just cant do it.

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Ahh so you find it hard to come here and complain, so instead you just come here and complain about others complaints. “I just don’t feel like complaining right now” btw. Use your head for something other than licking AGS/SG’s boots please thanks.


I mean just look what the server stability was like when they released just the SV story and continent. Now imagine that while still having 10k queues.

We have a butchered up client, when they patch it isn’t just a carbon copy of KR and we see some pretty bad issues. Slapping a decently large content update on already stressed out servers and then trying to troubleshoot the issues while everyone is crying about 10k queues and being booted when they finally get in would have been horrible.

For once, stop thinking about just yourself and think of the problem overall and you’ll realize delaying a week or two makes some sense.

Copied from @ARESxGOD who posted it above. Too accurate.
Idk why anyone still has faith in any time frame given by AGS…