Vykas G3 Counter Pattern

So, I alr clear HM Vykas for these past 2 weeks,

But before I do it again this week, just wanted to make sure on this particular counter pattern…

So she has 2 counter pattern on G3, which :

  1. Standing facing to her side, doing 2 drilling like attack (not a problem)
  2. Flying fast on circle pattern on someone then shows up

For the latter, after she finish her circling around, is the spot where she gonna showed up random? or its certain like behind a certain player that she’s targetting? I’m a salvation SH main, so I kinda need to know where she will show up to use my counter skill on demonic form before she showed (coz my counter on demonic is a bit slow start up)

Usually the GL on my party did this coz of their fast start up and long range counter. Just wanna know coz I usually do it pug, so I just wanted to make sure I’m able to do it too

She chooses one player to circle and will appear behind that same player.
If you don’t get that counter, it is fine. Follow her quickly to where she charged, there will be a 2nd counter opportunity in most cases. In some cases she goes straight into her “super hero landing”.

Yeah, even if the counter fails, the attack after that doesn’t really pose a problem but its better if she just get countered on every ocassion for that free dps each time :smiley: