Vykas G3 NM Entry Count

Was progging Vykas G3 NM when the server went down ahead of time.
We assumed there was a few mins left on the clock.

Please help to provide an entry ticket back. Thank you very much.

Server: US West - Valtan
IGN: Nightcrawlerr

If the disconnect was a result of server downtime and the system verifies it was a server wide issue, you should expect to get reimbursed for your entry in ~24 hours.

Hey @OminousOnion

Thanks for your response. It’s been 24 hours and I have yet to receive a re-entry ticket. Guess im not eligible to it based on the system detection and automation. Was this because it is a scheduled maintenance so that responsibility of leaving the raid beforehand falls on the players now?

same shit happen to me… all u need to is wait and do it next week, try not to Disconnect :rofl: