Vykas G3 still bugged?

So, we just got medusa right away, into worms, into the cross section thing. Is she seriously still bugged?

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. But according to my experience, she has 2 versions. Resetting the raid would make her easier tho.

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weve reset the whole thing 7 times. keeps happening.

I did it today twice didn’t get that tbh

last attempt she instantly teleported and did chains. lol…

Yep that’s definitely the one i experience sometimes. As I said, I normally reset the raid once or twice and she becomes more normal.
By reset I mean that go back to lobby and enter the dungeon again.

Its just another seed. Not a bug.

Anyway, by this point, people should be experienced enough to deal with everything she throws, even in a bad seed.

Have gotten this twice and just killed it instead of resetting.


Yeah definitely doable but why struggling with her.

My static cleared with medusa and chains at the start of the fight. You just need to react accordingly, ain’t that hard.

Can’t wait to see all the posts about Brelshaza being unfair, lol.


how do you do fish and typing at the same time when the fish dont disappear?

Fish disappears when the next mechanic starts.
If you have <70 gauge and could suddenly see them, its them despawning for the next mechanic.

except they didnt disappear. 3 people died running into then trying to get north because they couldnt see them

That’s funny.


it was never bugged. this is a problem of misinformation spreading like wildfire.

vykas in g3 has several mechanic’s that are completely rng. medusa and worms (chains) are some of them.

the problem is that people dont understand what random means. ive even seen people talking about how its a “seed” problem. as if loading the raid up auto saves rng.

the reality is this: its completely rng and if you do it enough you see this truth clear as day.

this week i joined a group for g3 vykas, first pull she uses chains into medusa into chains. some random says “ok we gotta reset cuz its bugged”. we all made fun of him and we run it again without resetting, and to no surprise to anyone we dont even see a medusa or chains that pull until after 100 bars. (we cleared it on the 3rd or 4th pull btw)

far too many people have been con’d into thinking that this is a bug. but the faster you dps the less likely you are to trigger a rng mechanic, this is why you dont hear about it in KR (as they are over geared for it by alot).

but for average ppl in na/eu the odds are not in your favor in regards to skipping those rng mechanic’s.


Its not a bug! Its just rng… its not even hard dogeing that stuff but if you are having trouble just reset to get a different seed…

It’s not a bug. Why do people keep making these dumb threads. That’s how the fight is intended to be. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. All of the mechanics you named are NOT x??? bar mechanics meaning they can happen at ANY POINT during the fight. I had it where at the start she spammed chains 3 times in a row. Is it annoying? - Yes. Is it a BUG? - No. Bug would be if she spammed all of those abilities at you AT THE SAME TIME. THAT would be a bug.


No one ask you, but I understand you have a lack of confidence in you, and the only way to feel good is telling how great are you in LA when no one cares. Comeback when you start to raid with randoms

No one asked you either. Must be your lack of confidence that compels you to reply to me because you got triggered by my reply. Maybe what I wrote hit close to home for you.

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AFAIK you need to either remake lobby or at the very least go back to it and start raid again. Restarting does nothing to prevent this.

While I appreciate posts by others saying it is RNG, I also would like to point out that it is at least odd that she spams “mechs” at the start that people usually only see after stagger mech (102) and at longer intervals + less frequent, while on “normal” runs those “mechs” never happen before 102, at least to my limited experience (~12h in G3).