Vykas Hard Gold

I just did Vykas hard gate 3 and got 2500 gold…didn’t it used to be 3500? Or am I crazy?

no, 2500g for gate 3, either 1k for gate 2 and 1k for gate 1

4500g total.

Your thinking about valtan gate 2 which is 3500 gold and 1k for gate 1

edit: checked and confirmed values and updated.

How much for normal gate 3? I could have sworn g3 hard was 3500 and g3 normal was 2500 but I really don’t pay much attention.

normal gate 3 is 2200

normal vykas is
500 for g1
600 for g2
2200 for g3


this is valtan normal gate 2, 800 g1, 2500 g2