Vykas [Hard] Needs to be nerfed

Nerf all now please.

Do lower tier raids if vykas is to hard for you :rofl:


How much time it takes to run through all that a week?

5-6h if im unlucky can close it all in 4h 3 h usually

I cleared it day one. Took few hours but did it. This is END game content. Shouldn’t be nerfed. If doable then no problem with it. And not just me, many other player cleared it already many times. End game content shouldn’t be equally hard like a yoho clear.

You can doing normal version. You will take your full relic set slower, but in the end you will have it. Clown is 2 months away, plenty of time.

Another “where are supports at” kind of topic made by a dps player. You perpetuate the problem by not playing support, so you don’t have the right to complain in my opinion. Nerfing the content just because most people are selfish and only want to be enabled instead of enabling the others is selfish. Supports are not necessary to clear either Vykas or Valtan - you just have to be skilled and dodge a lot more attacks than you normally do when supports are on your team. Because most players are rather average skill-wise, they feel like supports are mandatory but in reality it’s just a skill issue. There have been plenty of groups who could clear all HM gates week 1 without supports. It’s kind of funny to see how some bad players want to nerf the content around them because they cannot find supports who would allow them to face tank damage while being almost perma shielded. Way to go. Play support if you are unhappy about looking for them every week or improve your skill to do everything without them.

You need to uninstall game…ppl can do 3 person carry… just get good or quit… you dont need support if u are good

and most funny, when all cry - is not enought support: lets talk about DPS Paladin

im killing Vykas every week with my 2 characters and still have 7/10. im 1490/ 21 wep zerker with 5x3 right eng. Relic 6 set and 175 roster, 7 8 gems and crit set cards. So wont you invite me?

Do you think your 1490 and 21 weapon matters? I have that in my alts. Not to mention a zerker. I’d take you but if 1460 with more clears applied I’d take that instead. If you read my entire post you’d know. Not like that matters anyway, I only do busses lately if not doing a static run.

it can be bussed by a few ppl so it’s not that hard. I cleared vykas on my artillerist alt with full dps team. If i have no supp then have to use pots but doable, if i have supp then i clear it without using pots or rarely 1 potion. My most failes were at stagger check in G1 because ppl are too cheap to use ww nades.

lol only 1 person liked the post, i think we can end this pointless discussion now, can a mod kindly lock this?

Lmao so true. P3 With blue orbs seem buggy tbh