Vykas Hardmode - Static groups looking for supports & DPS! EUC

Greetings Adventurers !
We are a discord of 13 members looking to finish building our static groups(2 statics) to clear current and upcoming Raid-Content (Argos, Valtan HM, Vykas HM, Carries and more !).
We are in need of motivated Support players(currently we have 2 supports & 1 Gunlancer), and dps who are looking forward to raid in a friendly and fun environment.

Our Requirements:

Atleast 3x3 Engravings( for supports), 4x3 preferred.
5x3 is Greatly appreciated ( I am 5x3 myself)
Eager to improve together.
1460+ GS For Vykas HM+ but we can still do Valtan HM together if you’re 1445+.
Willing to look up guides for new Raids to be prepared.
Tilt free zone, don’t tilt when something doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to !
Able to handle constructive criticism!
We are playing on EUC

Discord is mandatory you will need to be able to understand and communicate in english !

Discord Server will be shared, there you can find guide, strats, casual chatters…

Currently we’re running valtan HM every thurdsay afternoon no set in stone hours for now for Vykas !

Contact me on forums or on discord > John Dope#5489


What server are you playing?

I am in search of a static group fro my paladin. It is at the moment 1420 but he is my new main (old main 1445) so he will be “big enough” in no time. I do play a lot. He is currently 3x3 plus level 2 drops of ether and level one heavy armor. This will change once i get blessed aura books to 5x3.
Expert, Awakening, Blessed aura, Drops of Ether and Vital point hit (if needed Vital point can be somethin else if group needs something)


Thanks for reminding me to specify server, shame the game is split between regions, we are on EUC

We are in luck, I play in EUC- Zinnervale.

Vykas might release next week tho :eyes: can you get there in time ? I can still add you as a stand-in on the discord server

The problem about next week is that we have our summer celebration weekend in our country so i wont be on from wednesday until sunday. So we need to get back to this later. But I’ll be happy to get in the discord as stand in for future. my discord is Juku#8015