Vykas Hardmode - Static groups looking for supports & DPS - EUC :)

Greetings Adventurers !
We are a discord of 13 members looking to finish building our static groups(2 statics) to clear current and upcoming Raid-Content (Argos, Valtan HM, Vykas HM, Carries and more !).
We are in need of motivated Support players(currently we have 2 supports & 1 Gunlancer), and dps who are looking forward to raid in a friendly and fun environment.

Our Requirements:
We are on EUC !
Atleast 3x3 Engravings( for supports), 4x3 preferred.
5x3 is Greatly appreciated ( I am 5x3 myself)
Eager to improve together.
1460+ GS For Vykas HM+ but we can still do Valtan HM together if you’re 1445+.
Willing to look up guides for new Raids to be prepared.
Tilt free zone, don’t tilt when something doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to !
Able to handle constructive criticism!

Discord is mandatory you will need to be able to understand and communicate in english !

Discord Server will be shared, there you can find guide, strats, casual chatters…

Currently we’re running valtan HM every thurdsay afternoon no set in stone hours for now for Vykas !

Contact me on forums or on discord > John Dope#5489

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How much are you willing to pay for a support ? :moneybag:

0 gold

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I’ll join as support for 15k gold/run. Gearing up is expensive.

Lol all these thirsty support mains begging for gold.

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A firm handshake and a " Good job gents "

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You have two exactly same posts? :smiley:

2 differents sections I wasn’t sure in which category you’re supposed to post this, I just made my forum account :crying_cat_face:

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Still looking :eyes:

For gold and a carry*

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