Vykas Legion Raid Phase 3

After 27/7 weekly maintenance, I started seeing patterns on mechanics that are supposed to be random which was a bit strange. So for some runs, Vykas will be on steroids from the start dropping blood (rain), chains, medusa etc…
However here is what’s odd and contradicts randomness, if the fight starts with her going crazy like that it will keep happening after every reset the only way to stop that is to remake the raid, same thing happens otherwise if she’s not going crazy from the start she will stay that way no matter how many times you reset, well at least that is my experience. I am not sure if that is normal or not but I thought why not let you know.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, xFaith.

Thanks for letting us know about this!

What is your character name/server name? Once I have this info I can send this thread over to the team.

Character: Defender
Server: EU-Kadan

Thank you! I’ll send this over to the team.