Vykas NM and HM

What exactly is the loot different between Normal and Hard in Vykas? Can anyone pass out the infomation? :slight_smile:

The nomal mode will loot Legendary material to craft Legendarie set + some Relic material

The Hard mode will loot Only Relic material (so way more than the normal mode )

Then HM will loot more ressources in general

So you do get some Covetous Wing from NM aswell?

The reason why i’m asking is because my guild is planning to run Vykas normal, and i want to do Hard mode, but building up the static team is better for the future, insted of running pugs everytime

Yes you get some, but i don’t know how much

IK it’s 12 for the whole HM

Its just like valtan. You get about half as much relic material on normal as you do in hard mode (6vs 12) and theres no box at the end of normal that gives relic material (only legendary material instead).

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that’s the reward

You can do G1-2 on hard and G3 on normal and you will still get enough wings to craft a relic piece if your group struggles to kill hard G3.

it’s like valtan 6 NM vs 12 HM

actually i believe i saw a chart its 1/1/1 for normal with 3 total from the bonus chests and 2/2/2 for HM with 6 total in the bonus chests. Need to find that chart again. NOTE its subject to change as our total reward from valtan was different then the KR version.

of course it include all the chest, there’s no reason to not buy them atm

Someone made a post about this, I will link it here
Click on it and it is better formatted for the eyes