Vykas NM bugged?

Hello, today I’ve been trying to clear Vykas Normal Mode again after I cleared all of her 3 gates before. (yay) So Gate 1 and 2 went completely fine. Then I went for gate 3 and her mechanics were completely different she started with medusa (okay fine medusa is random) 3 times in a row and she was throwing red balls from sky on the start or stunning ppl with chains. Idk but I never experienced this last week doing vykas gate 3. Felt completely different.

They “fixed” her I assume. It was the same thing in Hardmode. We got gates with chains literally 3 seconds into the pull. Week 1 that only happened after tentacles but this week after tentacles there was actually 0 mechanics apart from soaking orbs at x35. So they might’ve moved some mechanics earlier into the fight.

I really think she’s bugged, the mechanics shes doing now from start were in the end for a reason. In the guides also says shes supposed to do these at the end of the fight.

It’s either she’s bugged or they just moved mechanics from end of the fight to the start. Going down from x35 to Stagger phase felt like she was sitting AFK since everything got moved out earlier. I think we got Medusa once in like 5 pulls we did and Invisible Whales twice at like x9 bars.

Now you know why the maintenance was for only 1hr today xD

she must be bugged

People was saying it was to hard so smilegate made it harder

Yeah its a “fix” not a “bug”

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There is no bug, patterns are based on lockout (assuming).

Out of the multiple patterns that can randomly happen in say, G3, we saw only half of them in a few runs, and in the other runs saw them everytime.

It’s part of the fight, it’s random, and I assume it’s based on whatever lockout you get.

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