Vykas NM Mechanic Bug

Hi there,

I don’t know if this has been reported already I apologise if it has.

I have cleared Vykas HM on Saturday with zero issues. Today running Normal Mode on an alt after the two hours maintenance yesterday was a problem only on G3. Vykas would start the fight and do Medusa, followed by Sword Mechanic and even the whales at x170 bars. And that’s every reset until we quit the lobby and remade. This happened twice (several resets) but two lobbies essentially. Servers NA West Valtan.

Thank you

Thanks! I’ll let the team know of an occasional issue with the mechanics.


Thank you. I tried to record but didn’t have it on prior to the fight and we died in about a second. It only happens on G3 NM.

There’s a whole Reddit post about this happening not just in NM, but in HM as well. I ran 8 hours on HM G3 and never got the sword, blood rain drops or chain attacks until after tentacles. We recreated the party and we constantly got spammed swords, blood rain drops, chains and Medusa non stop as soon as the raid started. Is this a bug or is this normal ? We restarted an hour later and boom, back to the run we were familiar with.
I find it hard to believe it’s rng when the other runs I ran had no instances of these mechanics for 8 hours.