Vykas NORMAL mode=not a single raid

I understand why the the gold nerf if you was going to remove the gold requirement up to 1445, but as player that had a roster between 1400 and 1445 now my roster got kick out of the raids. Without Vykas I can’t complete my relic set and without relic set you have no chance to be accepted on the raids. We are at saturday and I couldn’t join a single Vykas raid on any of my chars and with that extremly low gold earning you don’t even have a bus to help you to complete it, because all the bus are HARD mode only.

I know, people are going to say “just get your toon to 1460”, but how can I do that if I only have a main now to earn gold? If you are not going to give gold at least give a higher a chance to get a legendary card, maybe this way people are going to do normal Vykas bus without introducing more gold to the server. Bots are not going to be interested on legendary cards, but many players with their set ready are going to start doing that raid again and give us a chance to catch up to the players that we were left behind.

Rigth now the wall from 1445 with argos set to 1460 with Relic set seem taller than the Empire State, unless I combine relic set that can be crafted with just Valtan parts and pray that the party leader don’t notice it.


yeah its dumb as hell. No need for nerfing normal mode legion

SG wants you to swipe more, there’s no other ‘reasons’ for this nerf.


im confused

you wont get Relic gear from Vykas Normal Mode

you say you cant find a Group for Vykas Hardmode ( 1460) without Relic set ( which could be the case)
But you only get Relic from hardmodes ( Valtan 1445/vykas1460) …sooo for what exactly you want Vykas normal mode when you dont get relic gear from that , but you reffering that you wont find a group without doing Vykas Normal ?

that makes no sense to me

also i dont get what you would do Vykas normal mode for a legendary card ? the chance on Legendary cards even for brel is almost 1% chance
and the same chance yu have in Vykas NM or Argos
its 1%

also which chars you want to farm it with ? you have a 3 Raid lockout
if you did your 3 legion raids , you cant farm normal mode Vykas with that chars only with alts 7+ ( non gold earners)

all in all , there is no need to do Vykas normal mode , just hone with all that free mats you get since Annyversiary and now with the Ark pass , you get so much free stuff

use that to push your main to 1460

Since when vykas normal stopped droping covetus wings?
It’s 1 per gate on normal vs 2 per gate on hard ( bonus chest not included ).

you get them from the extra boxes in Normal mode or not ? thats 4 per week right ?

hardmode you get first time hardmode gave some extra , which got now doubled right ?
which gives you how many in hardmode first time Vykas ? 30 in total + 5 extra from the G3 auction box ?

so who want to farm 8 weeks Vykas normal to get the same reward like doing 1 weeks vykas hardmode
just buy a bus for Vykas hardmode first week and you already have your set filled with 3 slots + 2 from valtan …in 1 week hardmode

3+3 - normal
6+6 - hard

ok , but the first time clear box reward, got now doubled with the patch

which is now 30 or am i wrong ?

I guess… But it seems it’s not his 1st vykas so he won’t get another one.
The only option I see here is to hone up till 1460 and take a bus for hard.

Now its doubled, so you get 12 from normal and 24 from hard mode. So basically it should take the same time now doing normal mode than before hard mode, but the problem is that there are NO normal raids for Vykas now, as nobody bother and the bus driver get almost no rewards.

You get your toon to 1445 which let you in on HARD Valtan, but you can’t join HARD Vykas and there is no raid on NORMAL Vykas as it has no rewards for the work it still takes. Thats why I suggested to give legendary cards, that would be a good reason to people play it again without introducing more gold.

True, vykas normal is pretty much dead now.

yes but you get a ton free mats from the Ark Pass , thats enough to push your main to 1460

or is it an alt ?

still there is no need to do Normal Vykas
you wont get gatekept for Vykas Hardmode because of missing Relic

you will get gatekept because you are not 1500

this is still no valid reason

and again hardmode gives you a 1 times chest with 30 wings inside … why you want to run Vykas normal , when you can take vykas hardmode bus for the first run

you can craft 3 peices from 1 time Vykas hardmode
instead of 4 weeks vykas normal…then upgrade to vykas hardmode and then realizing you wont get a group anyways

and that legendary cards wont change it

cause you can only run 3 legion raids per week per character , who would do vykas normal mode for a legendary card 1% chance-> instead of 3000 gold ?

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prior to these stupid nerfs

it was a 1:1 ratio if you nolife game farmed chaos, world bosses, cubes, boss rush, unas, guardians, Everyday. You could make the same amount of gold from raiding by just doing chores everyday on your roster. Not surprising, turns out many people don’t like doing chores for gold relying on RNG drops.

There are some normal rooms lingering around but only around the first 3 days after reset Because I saw a lot of room popping up and go around those time, quite active too, I guess you missed the prime time for that one specifically. Since a lot going to 1460, less people doing normal that’s why anyone that has normal toon tend to try and finish that one first as fast as possible before contesting in spot in the Hard mode

You guys keep ignoring the first post, the problem is that unless you have a roster above 1460 you have a wall as tall as the Empire State to get from 1445 to 1460, because you have no gold earning to hone from 1445 to 1460. Rigth now my only gold earning toon is going to be my main and only source of gold, the rest of the roster just can do the nerfed Argos and take a bus for HARD Valtan, as I’m not going to be accepted without relic set to the non existant NORMAL Vykas nor to the HARD Valtan.

As I said, we are at saturday and have spent most of the time trying to find a Vykas party and couln’t do it on ANY of my toons.

You earn over 20k gold just from gold islands chaos gate sales, and unas. The actual honing materials themselves is being thrown at you from about 20 different sources. Events. Frog. Dailies. Raid boxes, etc.

No offense but if this was a bait, it won’t work. I personally know somebody who solo’ed his way to 1465 just this week alone as a new player.


1445 —> 1460 with just oreha and honing costs is like about 15k gold.

So I guess it’s 5x15k gold to get to 1460. If he didn’t have any savings ( there was no announcement to get prepared for that ridiculous nerf ) it’s gonna take OP a while.
Perfectly justified frustration if you ask me.

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we wont ignore your post , but your argument is just not valid

there are so many more possible ways to earn gold , by selling things you can earn from events /lifeskill/stronghold/chaos dungeon/guardians /chaos gate/Unas and and and

not heaving the gold to upgrade efficient to 1460 from 1445 is just bad management

you almost have not to earn a single material atm for honing cause you get so much free stuff from events and the new Ark pass

pls reevaluate how you manage your account

no @Techtus if he really has 5 alts sitting between 1400-1445 , he can create enough materials/value per week , which he could sell to one by one upgrade his alts

if he starts to upgrade on each alt 1 piece… yes then he has a problem … but that is a you problem he created on his own

Can’t agree with that. It wasn’t an issue till last Wednesday, and SG/AGS didn’t even bother to inform us beforehand.

It’s like your employer just announced you won’t get your salary and blamed you for not having any savings…

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It’s stupid af. They just killed it. Vykas normal was never amazing with pugs, but now it’s jailer’s paradise. Good luck pugging it for 1600g.