Vykas Post Tentacle mechanics more often

I’ve noticed since the patch that Vykas has been starting her post tentacles abilities a lot earlier more often, before it wasn’t as much of an issue because we remade the lobby and it went back to normal, but I was pugging last night and had her start in her other phase in 5/6 lobby’s

So I either had been stupidly unlucky, or the boss is bugging out more and more since the patch

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This has been a thing since week 2 of Vykas release, and as far as I know there hasn’t even been an acknowledgement yet. So maybe don’t hold your breath.

Interesting, thanks for reporting this.

What’s your character name and your server name? I’ll see if I can get some additional info on this for you after I have this information.

Oh I’m aware its been a problem since she’s been out, but the problem is it had happened 5/6 lockouts, the problem is if the patch has mad it happen more or if I’m super unlucky

The Character that dealt with this issue was Protfallen-Valtan 1445 ilvl

I’ve had early Medusa/Chains/Grabs much more often than the standard patterns since week 2. So far this week seems exactly the same.

Thank you, I’ll send this over to the team.