Vykas QTE not adapting to keybinds

Dear CMs,

Please could you put as a top priority on the list of transmission to the team that Vykas QTE should match the binds people have on their skills?

-One of my guild mate plays with a controller (I know, I know) and when the QTE arrives it displays “QQQQQQQ” and he needs to type randomly or unplug the controller before the phase and drop the controller to type on his keyboard , far from convenient

-I myself am playing opn a gamepad (sort of a half keyboard for gamers) if you are interested in what it looks, google “Logitech g13”.
My binds are stuff like NMKPEFNJ for my spells but vykas still dysplays AZSEDQSE so I need to remove my hand from the gamepad and type it on the keyboard. Since I’m a boomer , I can only type on a keyboard while looking at it.

-My best friend is left-handed , he therefore modified all his binds to play (I’d like to mention also that fact we cannot rebind certain keybinds like the G key is really annoying for most persons rebinding their keyboard but that’s an off-topic)

In all those scenarios (and probably others) , it would be way more simple to display the bind on the actual spells and/or the icon of the spell.

I’m not asking to simplify the QTE but at least make it equally feasable for all kinds of players. because as for now I’m glad I have a guild group that never fails and we can afford the 2 fails from me but when my rerolls will start doing it as well and i’ll PUG , it will be a nightmare :).

Sorry for the long post and hoping to read from a CM soon :slight_smile: