Vykas Super Express clarification please

Could you please confirm how far (THE VYKAS UPDATE, NOT PRE-VYKAS) Super Express Event will get us? Will it be upto 1302 only like previous, or will it be up to 1370/1415 as people are speculating? there’s not much info about it so feel need to ask

No chance you will get clarification this early. People are speculating 1400 with luck 1415

Super Express will likely be to at least 1370.


Was just going to create the thread myself, haha. We all know what the communication is like. I’m wondering if we’re even getting an express/pass in the coming patch, or we should be expecting it down the line in the June-July-Roadmap-Timeline (which may extend into August).

Given trends, I wouldn’t be surprised if they give us Arcana for a little while without a pass, and then dump it on us a little later.

I’d also be pleasantly surprised if they boost us up to 1370. What would make the most sense is that some of these events take you RIGHT up to Vykas, but seeing as the argos was 1370 and our express event took us to…960? Im Expecting them to assist toons to 1340.

it will be 1340, 1370, or 1415.

our express event basically took you to T3.

1302 for sure knowing how AGS/SG are… with MUCH luck 1370 and if the planets align then 1415

Though the last express pass was quite a fail. Not a lot of people used it to the fullest and a lot of players quit. I think SG wants to have more people Valtan-Ready so I think we have a good chance it takes us directly to 1415. But yeah it will take you to 1370 100%

We’ll get clarification when its time for it to come out (still a month yet). As speculated, since the CURRENT xpress pass took us to essentially 1302, the super Xpress will take us to either 1370 (likely), or 1415 (less likely)

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Which is still at least 2 levels down from 1370. (1340, 1370). So by that logic, if Vykas is entry at 1430, then 2 levels below would be ->1415->1370.

Although I seem to remember that express benefits ended at 960. . .

They went to 1100. Double honing was until +12 (1040) and the 20% bonus was to +15 (1100)

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If its the same haha :clown_face: Even though I hate calling AGS that.

ah thanks yall are correct. I guess I can cross my fingers for a 1370 express.


Current express event brings you to the end of Tier 2 content, 1100. Assuming 1100, 1302, 1340, 1370, they brought us 3 steps behind the latest content. If the new latest content is 1430/1460 then we can expect 3 steps behind that. Probably 1385 or 1400.

? Current express also gives epic T3 accessories and even legendary stones. It’s just that they turn out to be shit, but nonetheless.
And you get 50 normal leapstones.

Current pass was pretty much free 1325.

the benefits did but generally you had enough materials to go into t3.

either 1370 or 1415.

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It seems some people didn’t read carefully. The new express event is coming in JULY, not with the vykas update. Russia had an 1415 hyper express event, but we do not know which one we are getting, it’s all speculation. Time will tell

The way I’m counting steps is story steps. 600/802, 960, 1100/1302, 1340, 1370, 1415.

Though I can see how you’re counting 1302, 1385, and 1400 as steps. Different ways of looking at the same numbers. I hope you’re right. Hell, I’d wish it’d be a catch up RIGHT UP to the current content, but it seems the division between casual and hardcore is somewhat by design.

i have not seen any mention of a new super or hyper express event in the patch notes