Vykas update market

Do you guys think great honor leapstone are gonna go high on price when vykas is released?

It’s inevitable for the few days before and after the update, it will go back down, but I’m personally saving everything for a week now and will do so until Wednesday.

Then I’ll sell everything I can because my main is already at 1470.

I mean the majority of players who want to do vykas week 1 are already there and don’t need to upgrade anymore.

And the casual majority is not going to spend gold on buying leaps.

It will go up but i doubt it will go up by a lot.

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Nah sell em, just like what somebody said below, with all the mats pumped in and one month from valtan, peep who wanted to hit 1430 have already done so and working towards dead 1430-1460.

The casual enjoyer would not spend gold for leaps.

I think it’ll jump to maybe 100-105 max but moving forward when punika pass and hyper express drops (whenever that is), mats will continue to tank harder and harder and be similar to that of korea.