Vykas & Valtan emotes No audio

Hello, I would like to report there is no audio when you click valtan emotes and vykas emotes but other emotes there is audio. Not sure if this is a bug only applies to when having korean voice overs, but please report this to development team.

Much appreciated.

Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for reporting this audio bug! I will get this passed along. :slight_smile:

One small question, have you tested this on the English voice over?

i have the same problem but i have the korean VO

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, Modeer.

Thank you for letting me know!

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The vykas and valtan emotes sound are still not working post patch on the Korean VO, works fine on English VO

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and thank you for letting me know! The devs are investigating this.