Vykas - We need the raid in EARLY June, not LATE June

Don’t learn the wrong lessons from the forever T1/T2 horizontal mokoko farming enjoyers who whined that Argus was too early. It was actually LATE.

This game is good because the raids are god tier. After getting a taste of the Legion Raids with Valtan, keeping the player base hooked on Vykas in EARLY JUNE and then getting them fully addicted with Kakul-Saydon in August makes the most sense. Releasing more raids for the players to do is what is best for the game.

Plus, releasing Vykas as early as possible gives the whales more relic gear to hone up to +25, so that’s also what’s best for business as well.


I think a month after Valtan release is pretty reasonable. Especially when the relic gear sets are really funky and require both. The other versions only had a month after Valtan release so I dont think id expect anything different. It’s only a 15 item level jump.


i agree on the terms that we need things to do, vykas is probably coming summer anyways since we need the vykas pieces to complete any sets

It’ll be closer to July at best.

Were not even 4 weeks of valtan yet.


… invest your time in real life instead of crying for new content … there was just an update


Roxx hinted that Vykas would be June when Valtan came out, but I think it needs to be June 9 or 16 instead of 23 or 30.

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Obvious troll OP. Dude I wasnt 1370 until a month after Argos came out and I was essentially playing 10 hours a day 5 out of 7 days up till then, and I only did side stuff when I needed a skill potion from it if they were quick to do.

Guild only just going to start Hard Valtan next week. Idk what your expectation of 12+ hours a day sicne release or whaling/market manipulation is but it isnt realistic.



Vykas is a companion raid to Valtan, not a replacement. Vykas normal gear helps you clear Valtan Hard and gives more gold each week.


I mean simply from how the rollouts have been up until now, they will have not have the patch prepared early June. it will be released late June along with whatever class they decide to pick out of the hat.

Preparation alone and past history leads me to believe it will be the 3rd or last week of June.

Also the servers haven’t been doing the greatest lately, each patch the lag, rubber-banding and other such issues are showing there are serious concerns with how they cut up our client and are trying to re-release it back, that alone will likely cause delays.

Early June is a bit too…early IMO. It seems to me that SG wants to give players a month (about 4 weeks) to go up 15 item levels based on how we had 3 months between Argos (1370) and Valtan (1415). This also roughly lines up with content releases in other regions. With Valtan (1415) coming out in mid May I don’t expect to see Vykas (1430) until mid June at earliest so that people have time to go from 1415 to 1430. Kuku (1475) I would expect to come out 3 months after Vykas or September as people need time to go up 45 item levels.

This is of course assuming SG based content release schedule on people who can do normal mode and not hard mode. If its hard mode then we might get Kuku in mid July but I highly doubt that as it would probably create an Argos-esque outrage from a lot of people who barely got 1415 for Valtan normal.

Of course all of this speculation can be thrown out the window if we get a lot of honing support to go from 1415 to 1475 more quickly.

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You guys realize that major patches happen at the END of the daily reward cycle right?

Earliest that would be then is June 16th…

There’s a chance we get it then, but my bet is after the June - July daily cycle.


Vykas early ? then what ? early clown then ? early everything ? then what ? let get all the raid in 2 months then what will you ask then?

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All the while no honing or material increase to keep up with accelerated content so you feel like you gotta rush to stay relevant and your alts can just wither and die for now.


If I was AGS I will put everything so we can go to the moon but lolll everything now and after you can leave mission accomplished and congrats you finished the game in less than 6 month, They will give you probably a medal for it.is it a MMO really?

My ideal roadmap for content would be something like:

  • June: Vykas, 1460 stronghold honing buff
  • July - Valtan hell mode (1445) + T1, T2, 1370 honing buffs
  • August - Vykas hell mode (1460)
  • September - Kuku (1475) + 1415 honing buffs

With 2-3 classes per month so we have all classes by the end of summer but I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to be 1 per month.

But a content release schedule like the above would seem pretty reasonable to me as it would add a lot of stuff to keep people busy and honing buffs (and stronghold buff) will help a lot of people get characters to legion raid level.


Content is x3 speed, but the rewards are at x1.


To be fair once you are 1415 you don’t really need increased materials and support to stay current assuming they give us one month to go up 15 item levels. One month is enough time to get 800-1000 great honor leaps even if you are playing without alts and in most cases that is enough to hit the next item level breakpoint (1415->1430 for example).

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Yup, people for sure will learn how to do Valtan in one month, then Vykkas and clown at the same pace :+1:

800 GHL took my Paladin from 1370 to 1392. The +12 to +17 push to get the Paladin to 1415 will probably be another 1000+ GHL. That brings my support Alt to bare minimum at the cost of every resource the game has thrown at me for the past 3 weeks.

1415 isn’t good enough for current or June’s content either, you are still behind the curve of progression. End of June 1415 has to be 1430, and 1445/1460 is your target. None of that is easily obtained unless you are hard grinding 5+ alts daily or Swiping.

Lost Ark was designed to be a slow paced long term grind, not a speedrun.

With that said I do not think they should delay content at all, it would do much more harm than good. But they do need to increase the rate at which players reach content.

The game is more about getting to the boss fight than the boss fight itself.