W0x9-spelfwf1p2nt Error Disconnect


Consistently kicked from the server. Never been an issue before today and my internet seems to be stable everywhere else. Robbed me of my Chaos dungeon Aura for the whole day lol.


Its same for other peeps :slight_smile: waiting on a reply from mods

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Same here. NA east, Galatur.

same Chaos Dungeon on Azena NA east

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yup keep having the same issue now for some reason today


NA East for most folks here? We are looking into this now


thanks @Roxx yes it seems to be NA East. Majority of users are posting their issue in this thread: Cannot connect to the server. Exiting Game. [W0X9-SPELPWP1P2NT] - #50 by Boon12

Same issues for me NA EAST Karta

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I am NA East on Una and started getting disconnected repeatedly about an hour ago.

After almost 200+ hours I just got this W0x9 error 6 times in the span of 10 minutes and it kicked me out of a chaos dungeon that I feel I should have been refunded for another dungeon chance for an error beyond my control forcing me out of the game.

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I was in the middle of an Abyss dungeon as well, when I got back in after the group disbanded I received a ticket to reset my weekly. Wasn’t so lucky on my main but, at least I got something for my alt due to these issues.

For those who missed it:


When relogging, US East is shutdown, won’t even let me onto it for server selection. Going to presume they are taking it down for a maintenance?

Was having this issue on US East – Una as well. Hopefully it is fixed soon.

I have had both the W0X9 & the G0X9 errors.

Same thing on US East - Kharmine as well.

Unfortunately they dont seem to handle chaos dungeons the same way but fingers crossed they send out some kind of compensation / aura reset or something. Sorry about your abyss lockout

Same here, about 70 hours in-game and no issues until today. It’s unplayable. I just want to catch all the Mokoko seeds! >:(

Same here. Got kicked out while in a group dungeon.

disconnected repeatedly same Chaos Dungeon on Azena NA east :angry:

happening to me constantly right now… on top video stutter, random loss of sound, and the game freezing.