Wait for Proving Grounds pop up won't go away

I asked customer support for assistance and they couldn’t find a solution. Both Representatives stated that my feedback was forwarded/passed on. Did anyone else have the “Wait for Proving Grounds” pop up stay on their screen even after the match started? If so, did anyone find a fix? Every match I’ve just been dragging the pop up to the sides. Need help, Thank You.

Sad to see this is still a thing, I thought it was only an issue while EUC was having its lag and shizzle.

Around launch time when i queued for the battlegrounds (co-op battles, pretty sure this is the same) me and my friend both had this happen.

The only thing i could really do was move the wait for box into the bottom right and try and forget about it :confused:

Thank you for the reply. At least now I know I’m not the only one. I asked during my matches and the ones who responded stated they weren’t having any issues.

I have this problem all the time.

Press esc and it disappears.

Is it that simple? Oh man lol, I’ll try it once co-op battles opens again. Thanks.

It worked. Wow Amazon Support clueless.