Wait this is true?

What about people who are apart of communities or guilds? They’re just told to start on a new server and scuff it’s community? Hope this is not accurate since it will be a big blow to our already playing players wanting the f2p joining our guild.

Amazon did not learn from New World?


They decide to give extra founder packs to everyone so they can start in new servers with their friends.

It’s a bad luck to them thing. Very sad when all your freinds are gonna be all over the place.

As was stated many times in other similar threads: Are you really playing when you have a 30k queue and can’t get logged in to play for hours?

That’s why they locked those servers.


I’m already level 50 with a handful from my already settled in community. This is on Amazon not us.


or the f2p could stop being cheap and bought the bronze pack which is 15$ and is def worth it for this game


They should of just gave free server transfers???

so you can transfer your character what’s the point of getting the headstart from founders pack otherwise if we have to start over?

Because they released a lot of new servers and want to funnel people to them.

They also giving you funder pack items back, sort of, in those new servers

So did i, 15 way to go. Limit ur losses, dont trust as default.

Oh? And what about the locked servers such as Avesta and Regulus that have had zero queues but are locked due to “extended queue times”

Explain those.


Smilegate has never implemented server transfers, so players who start on new servers will have to start over from level 1. This is not optimal, but it’s probably the best of all the bad options. You get to be with your friends, you get to play on a less crowded server, and you get your Founder’s Pack. The only thing you really lose is your existing progress and your headstart.

Tough situation all around, and I don’t know when MMO companies are going to find solutions to get this right. Given the enormous resources of Amazon Web Services, one of the largest providers on the planet, you would think that some kind of economically efficient dynamic scaling would have been possible. I’m not a network engineer, so I don’t know how feasible that is, but imagine if a bank were having this kind of problem?

Obviously I don’t have access to the server / user metrics, but if they locked the server, then the threshold must have been crossed.

Maybe there were no queues when you were logging on? Could be that the peak hours for that server are when you are asleep. Are you on one of the “unofficial” non-English servers where the bulk of the player base is in another country?

Well, or you know the game company could not lock an ongoing established server which holds a community. So as of now our guild 23/30 in the high 40-50’s are now just supposed to stop our progress and switch servers (Which harms our server) to cater to those that waited for F2p release due to honestly smart reasons. LIKE NOW.

Its true, they intentionally decided to screw over founders.

While I agree with you I just want to make aware that you only get PARTS of your founders pack so it is not really the founders pack we bought, for example this is missing from platinum:

  • 60 Resurrection Feathers
  • 50,000 silver
  • Character Expansion Slot
  • 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates
  • Gatherer’s Tool Chest
  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 20)
  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 30)
  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 40)
  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (level 50)
    (Aura is account-wide and crystals too as long as you didn’t spend them)

They got their money. We are now just another f2p player.


Nor myself or the other 26 guild members on the server have had any queue times, and combined we’ve logged in during all hours of the day.

There has been no queues and yet they still lock it for “extended queue times”

It’s a lazy and BS reason for our server. Maybe true for others, but not for ours

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I’m usually relaxed and easy going, but this actually has me a bit upset. This is truly unfortunate and hope they release a better answer for the issue, so I can try and throw water on my community that’s on fire.

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You lose the couple of days worth of crystaline aura by starting over… It was borderline scam, but now it is full scam. Can’t believe they are legally allowed to do so…

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Thought they were giving a bonus of what they posted on top of your founders pack