Wait ? What is delayed?

Update delayed or patch note delayed ???


Hype marketing baby!


Think roxx took today off to avoid this mess that is why the other guy posted.

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox atlease answer for our questions now. We were waiting until 00.00 to hear this ?

Not sure what more you want. The April Update is delayed. I would venture to guess, patch notes are not going to happen until the update happens.

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Yeah, this is just getting ridiculous…


delayed can mean so many thing though… few hours? days? a week?

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Until the issue is resolved. No timeline given.

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So essentially the same situation we were in before the “announcement” of the glaivier… no clue when anything is going to happen and no one is telling us anything about it.

She took the day off because they ALREADY know they were not able to release tomorrow … they are a fail in every aspect.

Okay so is the patch tomorrow or not. FUCK the patch notes… seriously… April patch in may??? CMON MAN

There is no patch tomorrow…

Oh man that backlash is going to be huge

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this is so sad… literally cant even put the new files in without breaking everything. so stupid

No need to be upset 10 HOURS LONG!! - YouTube :sob:

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I cant believe this… Really, Don’t want to play anymore

yo if anyone EUC quits the game feel free to share the gold with me thanks

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Hey @LostArk, feel free to hire me. I’m experienced project manager so maybe you would like to finaly replace some junior who have no idea what’s going on.

mods deleting threads now, 2 big threads already gone gg ags


so who is getting fired?

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